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Your roof tile make you regret it?

by:Xingfa      2020-10-19
Talking about regret it, may everyone has, if there is regret medicine, what would you most like to change a?

today, the company to a customer more than 60 years old, everyone talks. His house is to a new house built a few years, considering the building, at that time young people want to go out to work, and his wife at home. If Chinese style tile roof or cover, need often pick up tile renovation, they have not the energy, and on to the roof is dangerous. Pick to pick to finally chose to cover caigang watts, is easy. But this just three or four years in the past, caigang watts rust leak; And is not insulated, the house like a summer high temperature steam; Rainy day rain on tile split mile marble, noisy people suffering; In windy, MAO MAO of the noise from the caigang watts, felt to be blown over, scary. Forced to this, only to change the tile.

in fact, the old man home building, has sold resin tile on the market, then a lot of people just don't know about resin tile, feel is plastic, not durable, and the price is relatively expensive, so there is no choice resin. But now see the neighbor's cover is good, so the company to buy.

it also let small make up remind of yesterday talking to mom's, 4 in 1 point in yibin gong xien yesterday. Magnitude 9 earthquake, we built a relative glazed tile fell off a few pieces, it hit the working in scouring aunt shoulder, a lot of blood, thanks to not hit in the head, otherwise the consequence is unimaginable.

old tile, glazed tile, Chinese style tile or before meets the gale heavy rain, hail, earthquake and other natural disasters, have such risks, traditional tile has apparently couldn't keep up with demand of The Times. Resin tile is safer, more comfortable, more beautiful, more energy saving of a new generation of environmental protection and energy saving building materials, obtained the affirmation and extensive use in ping change slope engineering. Now, in the urban and rural construction, the landscape renovation, villas, homes, scenic garden roof is widely used in construction. Is becoming more and more people understand the resin tile, small make up to believe that in the near future, rural also can see the shadow of the resin tile everywhere.
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