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your questions: what can be done to get insurance for a home with a flat roof?

by:Xingfa      2019-11-04
Each insurer operating in the Irish home insurance market has a different threshold for the percentage of flat roofs allowed in its acceptance criteria.
Traditionally, the flat roof of the 100 pc is considered No.
Standard, no.
According to Deirdre McCarthy of InsureMyHouse, go to the main insurance company. ie.
In her view, it dates back to the time when the building was made up of a wooden roof with a torch --on felt.
However, the level of modern architecture
Roof performance is considered strong, waterproof, usually with longterm guarantee.
MS McCarthy said she recently helped clients get insurance on 100 pc
A roof house made of polymer and concrete.
There have always been specialized insurance companies working with property owners who are not considered to be
Standard, any one can insure your house, she added. Most of the non
Standard Insurance companies work through a broker group, so contacting your local insurance broker should solve your problem.
In order for your broker to give you the best price, you should know the building details of the roof, such as the materials used and the guarantee information.
Your architect will give you all the details.
You have a choice.
According to Sinead Buckley of Mortgages4Her, maybe you can wait until the right property goes public. ie.
Another option is to recover some of your mortgage expenses by renting a room in your current house.
Chat with your husband and if this is the job you can all see then check out the rent --a-room relief.
This allows you to rent one or more rooms in your own home without paying taxes on your income at a limit of € 14,000.
Given the current housing shortage in Ireland, this could be a perfect solution, not only for you, but for a student or young professional who is working hard to get the right accommodation.
If this is not an option and you definitely want to move, then maybe you can consider selling your existing home and possibly renting or moving with your family before you find your ideal home.
Barkley said the bank does not provide transitional financing at present. MS
We gave this to Jonathan hahill, Insuremyvan\'s chief executive. ie.
He says he doesn\'t think you will have a problem with this because the vast majority of commercial vehicle policies cover your business or career as well as social, family and recreational purposes.
However, these policies do not include vehicles for rent and reward.
Like all policies, you should check the wording carefully as each policy is different.
The exact wording will be on your insurance certificate, and Mr hahill said he would be very surprised if you did not have this insurance.
The confusion lies in the motor tax of light commercial vehicles.
If you tax a vehicle commercially, you should not use it for any private use.
This law does not affect insurance, but it is technically illegal to drive light commercial vehicles with commercial taxes to the store, but you will still get insurance.
Each insurance company operating in this market has a different threshold for the percentage of flat roofs allowed in its acceptance criteria.
The vast majority of commercial vehicle policies cover you related to your business or occupation, as well as you for social, family and entertainment purposes.
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