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Wind resistance resin tile roof, Reinforced resin tile

by:Xingfa      2020-10-16
Yesterday, a strong wind swept across the harbour city, north street carnival bathing on the roof above a sealed tin house, tin blown away three pieces, is in danger of falling at any time, iron with the wind drift, support the house also exposed the hob, tin room below is part of the farmer's market, but if everyday road tin drop when the blow in the market, may bring the risk of causing residents and traders. Were strong winds lift to the top of the situation has been actually, factory, here is the main reason for the installation of non-standard, workers in order to save costs, form a complete set of fixed a decrease, the second aspect is: poor quality of roof tile, its weak to resist pulling force, combined with years of aging, the wind blows it caused the situation in the graph, the loss is big! Here, more recommended one enhanced resin, the resin tile between two layers of resin plate composite co-extrusion is a high-strength glass fiber, the resin of the tensile strength, bending strength, impact strength and other performance is greatly improved. By experimental comparison, reinforced resin tile compared with type common resin tile break strength can be increased by 82%, avoid caused by strong winds tear of; In the wind, hail and other severe weather is can reduce the damage to low!
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