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Why resin tile price from ten yuan to 50 yuan gap so big

by:Xingfa      2020-10-17
In recent years due to the rise of domestic ping change slope engineering and the construction of new countryside needs, a new type of green roof construction materials was born, the ASA synthetic resin tile as a new type of roofing tile with anti-corrosion, anti-aging, uv resistance, frost resistance, insulation, thermal insulation, good flame retardant is widely used for urban construction and the new rural reconstruction project. However, after several years development, the last two years due to synthetic resin tile quality problems abound, it is green environmental protection and anti-aging performance is quite good synthetic resin tile, how life is so short? For consumers, a lot of resin tile products is also very strange, good or bad about the quality of the resin, it is difficult to identify, synthetic resin tile quality problems frequently also let the consumer has more on the reliability of synthetic resin. Synthetic resin tile small make up today I have an old guild regulations, deep waters of synthetic resin tile industry to clean up and restore the truth! Have someone should know synthetic resin tile is made of PVC, Polyvinyl chloride) And ASA ( Particles) And auxiliary adding stabilizer, plasticizer, and CPE, ACR and other raw materials, and a small amount of calcium carbonate powder as raw material, after assembly line equipment all aid to shape the finished product. Standard of synthetic resin tile thickness is 3. 0 mm thick ( ±0. 1mm) , now some manufacturers in order to get the price advantage, competition to get more customers, willing to juggle with your raw materials; I list the following several factors on synthetic resin tile price can produce: one, the thickness difference: manufacturers through the thickness of the resin made into 2. 0毫米,2。 3毫米,2。 5毫米2。 7 mm, so the raw material is saved, prices can vary even 10 yuan. Also have a competitive edge, but life is compromised. Surface material ASA engineering resin quality differences: ASA synthetic resin tile, or surface layer of the decisive role of anti-aging, anti-uv quality ASA, of course, now ASA engineering resins are good and bad, good ASA prices in more than twenty thousand or so commonly, if imports reached 30000, of course, even more than a ton, there are more than ten thousand, with poor poor ASA anti-aging performance more bad, easy to fade. So the whole accounting cost six dollars at least. 3, material surface species differences: now some manufacturers are using ABS as a surface layer, because ABS raw materials more than ten thousand and even a few thousand yuan/ton, very cheap. But according to the theory, ASA can anti-aging weatherability is ten times the ABS, that is the life of the ABS poor relative to the ASA to almost 10 years. And easy fade, A few months will fade) Brittle crack ( Brittle temperature - 7℃) 。 Four, the difference of ratio of raw materials, the prices of the raw material is different, some by adding calcium carbonate to increase the weight, so the overall cost is lower, some by adding plasticizer, achieve tile has a certain flexibility, but plasticizer is not fire, so is not up to standard. Five, the raw material and recycle material difference: of course with polyvinyl chloride ( PVC) As the main material's price is to determine the material of resin tile price and quality. Some irresponsible manufacturers in order to improve the quality of lower profits. Recycled PVC resin powder production. According to the above factors, we have to surprise of this water is deep, and the price is up to more than ten yuan. So we at the time of purchase high quality synthetic resin tile not only know 'the price'. Also look at the quality! Or the Chinese old saying well said! You get what you pay for! Good stuff is not cheap, cheap no good goods! PVC plastic tile, synthetic resin tile, tile, ASP gangsu composite tile enhanced fiberglass resin can be customized according to customer requirements, consulting for more details please call the hotline: 0535 - 3490877/13589772720
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