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why is a stone coated steel tile roof the best roofing choice for your home?

by:Xingfa      2019-11-05
Homeowners can use all types of roof materials, why do people spend between $20,000 and $60,000 on the roof?
When your most common roofing material is an asphalt tile roof.
Mainly because people think it is the cheapest roof, it is because it is the cheapest!
The cost is between $5000.
$15,000 most homeowners are not educated because they really throw the money away!
The roof type says it\'s a 30-year wooden tile, but it\'s usually only 10 years in fact. 15yrs.
So in fact, if you are planning to stay at home for so long, then you may have to change the roof again.
This means that the cost of your roof is doubled and the cost of inflation is increased.
Now you want to spend another $15,000 to $20,000 on the roof! Why?
Have you ever seen the warranty for asphalt tile!
It usually covers only the first year of the replacement, which is just the wooden tile.
There is no transferability.
Therefore, you cannot transfer the investment on the roof to the new owner in the future. That sucks!
Why would you spend between $10,000 and $15,000 on a new roof without any protection for your investment.
The main reason is that any homeowner can go to Home Depot to buy some wooden tiles and wear a new roof on his own, thinking that he can be a fighter for that weekend and win the battle.
He is a computer engineer.
So he has to be able to install his own roof? Wrong!
As they say, your roof protects the entire investment below you, your house!
So, why did the stone apply to the roof of the steel tile?
This is a permanent roof type that never needs to be replaced.
This roof type has a lifetime fully transferable warranty of 50 years.
It has a variety of colors to choose from and even a custom color if you want.
This is for homeowners who want to really invest in a house there and want a beautiful house.
This roof is light weight and is the perfect choice for redecorationroofing.
Usually when you ask us to say that the wood shakes the roof and you want to put on the tiles.
You have two choices.
One is concrete, heavy tile, and the other is light steel tile roof?
Which one do you think your home will support better?
Yes, it\'s an expensive roof, but when it comes to your home and your money, if I\'m there, I\'ll talk to the steel tile specialist first about your roof selection.
They are roof contractors who can install any roof type if you wish.
So call them first.
Or call me and I \'ve been there to help people with the roof for 10 years.
Believe me, the last thing I want to do is sell you a crappy roof.
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