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why elon musk\'s tesla solar roof is unlike any previous tech

by:Xingfa      2019-10-24
Elon Musk plans to change the future of solar energy.
Tesla Solar Roof made its full appearance in August, combining roof tiles that collect solar energy with ordinary tiles, creating a seamless roof that extends all the way to the entire roof.
Orders for textured black and smooth gray tile styles are expected to start shipping this year, pre-order
From November, the remaining Tuscan and slate-style orders.
In many ways, the Tesla Solar Roof is not much different from the traditional solar panels.
In some, it\'s actually a bit bad.
It\'s expensive and doesn\'t generate that much power, an analysis by energyage found that 3,000 of solar roofssquare-
Foot home is $25,000 more expensive than a normal panel and produces about 77% of the electricity.
But the key point is that the solar roof is the roof, in which case it may be better to buy the solar roof on the roof where the solar panels are installed later.
The average roof cost $21.
85 per square foot
This could be a good deal with the extended roof life.
This is the magic of Tesla\'s roof cost collapse.
Tesla\'s innovation in this area is to combine the roof and panels so that consumers can mix the panels together to create a solid long panel
Lasting construction.
\"This is a connector that must last for more than 30 years,\" Musk said in a conference call with reporters when the company announced the panel.
\"It has to be wind-proof rain, heavy rain, snow, snow mud, salt, water leakage-just like connector hell.
\"The panel will last more than 30 years.
Tesla offers lifetime guarantees on the roof.
In addition to the sturdy connectors, the strength of the tempered glass is about three times that of the slate or asphalt, which means that they may be severely hit before they break.
As shown on the far right, Tesla tiles \"many of the challenges here take advantage of some great learning from the Tesla team in verifying the automotive connectors and the mass production process,\" JB Straubel, tesla chief technology officer also said on the phone.
\"Tesla is also making these tiles on its own-we have not outsourced them.
We have been able to solve more complex design problems and reach these prices.
Tesla uses a great deal of expertise from SolarCity team members.
The two companies were formally merged in last November, and the latter was valued at $2 billion.
\"We have designed the solar part of the solar roof, which is easier to install than ordinary solar,\" former partner Peter Ryver
The founder of SolarCity said on the phone.
\"We learned a lot about installing solar energy from more than 300,000 installations, so we put all of this into development.
\"Maybe in the future, choosing a solar roof when building a house will be a taboo. brainer.
Thanks to Tesla, Ta\'u island is now fully powered by solar power.
Check out this video for more information.
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