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Why don't resin tile roof waterproof

by:Xingfa      2020-10-16
Resin as a new type of roofing materials, whether government level or ordinary people themselves have begun to accept and extensive use of the new materials. But there are many consumers worry, resin tile would like a manufacturer to promote this product, don't do waterproof, itself has waterproof function? Today, industry and trade co. , LTD. , resin tile technician is scientific analysis for you, why do you say resin tile has waterproof function? If all the buildings can be used directly resin tile, waterproof layer without having to do? First, resin tile body material for synthetic resin, synthetic resin as a class of polymer materials, the compact structure of itself is not bibulous, prevent the formation of the permeation, from material has the waterproof function. Second, resin tile sheet area is large, put it, less and lap combine closely, special accessories design scientific and reasonable, compared to traditional small pieces of tile has better waterproof performance, from the structure of guarantee with the waterproof performance. Third, synthetic resin tile from waterproof is conditional. In 05 cj04 atlas of the synthetic resin tile roof construction in this description: resin tile when used alone, can satisfy the requirement of the waterproof level for level 3 roofing waterproof; Resin and waterproofing materials or waterproof coating composite use, can satisfy the waterproof level for secondary roofing waterproof requirement. Therefore, the use of resin tile whether could save the waterproof layer is determined by the building roof waterproof level. So, everybody when resin tile as roofing material of choose and buy, according to the actual situation to determine whether the roof can directly use resin.
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