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Why caesious resin tile so hot

by:Xingfa      2020-10-15
Rural hometown house majority is its tile, as building upgrade, many old houses need to change, caesious resin tile pushing away like this, why so popular what?

color resistance to old, more durable, and bright red and bright sky blue color such as compared to the resin tile, green gray may appear to be common, is not so easy to bo person eyeball.

but, because of pewter and dust, the color of the tall building closer, caesious resin tile is installed on the roof are more tolerance for the old. Brightly colored tile covered with dust, can see at a glance, caesious tile is not so obvious. In addition, because caesious resin color closer to watts, so compared with the big red, sky blue, such as resin, pewter resin tile color shelf life will be more long, more is not easy to fade!

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