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When the synthetic resin tile meets the board will spark

by:Xingfa      2020-10-14
A home stay facility is a new trend of rural tourism, board room is one of the important structures. Wooden houses, shock-proof not only, and comfortable, can maintain the balance of the indoor moisture and drying, is good for health. Cooperate with synthetic resin tile roof, the more distinctive.

blending resin roof board house, plus for the seismic effect.

in the global earthquake survived for most of the houses are wooden house. Pure wooden has an ordinary wooden trough. Stable structure and good toughness. Its seismic performance is very high. Resin tile light, is not affected by the weather. Especially enhance the wind resistance of the glass fiber resin seismic performance is the same as the housing.

synthetic resin tile as the roof waterproof material choice not only considering the strong waterproof function of synthetic resin, and preserves better housing structure from the rain corrosion; Resin, beautifully decorated, rich colors, make a plate and beautiful. As a result, more and more household, attractions, houses, villas and so on using synthetic resin as the roof waterproof material.

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the beautiful start from the resin tile roof under a new environment: synthetic resin tile green was glad
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