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What should I pay attention to when installing ASA synthetic resin roof tiles?

What should I pay attention to when installing ASA synthetic resin roof tiles?


XINGFA ASA synthetic resin roof tiles are flame retardant, waterproof and anticorrosive. They are widely used in various construction buildings, such as residences, carports, factories, shopping malls and other places. If you pay close attention to the building in your life. I believe you will also find that many buildings using ASA synthetic resin roof tiles. Replaced with synthetic resin tiles. Although synthetic resin tiles are becoming more and more common in our daily lives, many customers do not understand how to install synthetic resin tiles. Among them, many items in the installation process cannot be ignored.

Important notes for installation:

1. When installing, make sure that the tile bottom line is perpendicular to the construction line, and then install it completely with accessories.

2. If it is an "八" type slope, the tile installation on the two slopes needs to be carried out simultaneously to ensure that the roof ridge tiles can be correctly installed on the wave position of the ASA synthetic resin roof tiles.

3. During the installation of the synthetic resin roof tile, the sealing ring should be fixed in the groove of the sealing cap, the self-tapping screw passes through the center hole of the sealing ring, the drill bit is perpendicular to the tile surface, and the screw and nut should be tightened appropriately and not too tight. Then put in the sealing cap

4. For steel purlins, use self-tapping screws or stainless steel screws, and wooden purlins use self-tapping screws. The drill hole diameter should be 2mm larger than the self-tapping screw. Screws with reamed holes can be used

5. Install the three-way ridge tile at the vertex of the intersection of the three sides. The installation of the three-way ridge tile should be after the installation of the main ridge tile and the tilted ridge tile. When the three-way ridge tile is installed, the lap is installed below the main ridge tile, and the other two sides of the overlap are installed above the tilted ridge tile

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