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What factors affect the life of PVC roof tiles?

What factors affect the life of PVC roof tiles?


More and more people use PVC roof tiles when choosing roof tiles, because its service life is much longer than that of traditional roof tiles. However, some factors will also affect its service life. So, in the end, it will affect the life of PVC roof tile. Where are the factors?

One: Product quality

We found that the PVC roof tiles are similar in appearance, but the prices are different or even vary greatly. The performance indicators of PVC roof tiles of different manufacturers and brands are very different. Some PVC roof tiles look better on the surface. In order to make the appearance of PVC roof tile more attractive, some manufacturers add a large amount of oily additives to the composition ratio of PVC roof tile formula to make the surface of PVC roof tile particularly smooth, but after outdoor wind and sun, the ingredients are easy to precipitate and become more aging. quick. This is the quality difference between the products of different factories, don't be confused by the appearance of the products!

Two: Construction technology

According to customer feedback, when installing and constructing PVC roof tiles, some customers did not have much experience in the construction team, and even installed them themselves in order to reduce costs, resulting in improper construction and the faster end of the life of PVC roof tiles. In fact, the professionalism of construction will affect the service life of PVC roof tile to a certain extent. Therefore, when we pave the PVC roof tile, it is necessary to ask professional technicians to install the PVC roof tile correctly to ensure the service life of the entire roof. 

Three: Use environment

PVC roof tiles are also affected by the actual use environment. If the use environment is different, the external influences on the PVC roof tile will also be different, which will affect the life.

We all hope that PVC roof tileshave a long service life. Then, we need to pay special attention to some of the product quality, construction technology and use environment of PVC anti-corrosion tiles in order to extend its service life, which not only saves costs, but also Avoid a lot of troubles caused by roof tiles.

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