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what about solar tiles?

by:Xingfa      2019-10-24
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Why not install solar tiles on the roof of your house?
Like solar photovoltaic panels, they generate electricity from the sun, but they will also be subtly combined with your roof.
If you are planning to update the roof tiles at home or plan a new construction project, you should seriously consider installing solar photovoltaic tiles.
Integrated solar roof tiles are visually more attractive than standard solar photovoltaic panels.
They can be installed in most homes and are easily connected to the power supply.
They generate electricity that can be used in your home and make money through the electricity that you don\'t use.
How do they work?
Solar photovoltaic tiles use the same principle as standard solar photovoltaic panels to generate electricity from the sun.
The unit size of the solar tile is the same as the large-format roof tile;
Usually one tile is high and several tiles are wide.
They are mounted directly on roof slats, replacing traditional roof tiles and offering a fully waterproof finish.
Is your roof right?
You need to be sure that your roof structure is strong enough to withstand additional weight.
Depending on the manufacturing situation, solar tiles can be integrated with ordinary or alien roof tiles.
Is your roof facing the sun?
In the UK, solar roof tiles must be installed so that they are facing the south-facing direction to face a point between the south-facing directionsEast and South-West.
Depending on the design of the House, the angle of the roof spacing will vary, but the tilt will usually be between 20 and 60 degrees from the level.
Installing a properly trained roof worker can easily fit solar tiles with most types of large roof tiles.
Laying roof tiles and solar photovoltaic tiles in the same operation will avoid unnecessary delays in the contract.
When the installation of the roof works and the solar photovoltaic tile is completed, the solar tile can be connected to the circuit in the building.
The wiring of the solar tile will be hidden in the sloping roof structure, and the control equipment can be accommodated in the roof space if no roof gap is used.
In order to comply with the UK building code, all electrical work in the home property must be carried out by a fully qualified registered electrician.
Clean energy cash back is an incentive program launched by the British government to encourage the introduction of renewable electricity.
During the day, the electricity generated by solar roof tiles will provide electricity to the home, and any surplus will be sold to the electricity supplier through an approved import and export meter.
During high energy use in the home, or when solar roof tiles are not productive, power can be purchased back from the power supply network.
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