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Trapezoidal resin tile is factory set up hot building materials in the future

by:Xingfa      2020-10-16
Most modern steel structure factory building will choose trapezoidal resin as the roof and metope, also mainly in the majority with blue and white color, its simple and generous appearance and excellent quality, received numerous building materials business, so why trapezoidal resin tiles can become popular in plant construction building materials? First trapezoidal resin tile is refined using ASA high weatherability engineering resin, its big advantage is that can resist degradation caused by ultraviolet radiation, aging, fade, and trapezoidal resin tile, can resist all kinds of acid and alkali corrosion, is the modern major pickling plant, chemical plant, steel structure factory building, warehouse roof in choice. Including 880 plant corrosion wave height of up to 40 mm, unique structure design makes purline distance is 1200 mm, on the premise of guarantee the quality of use and life reduces the installation costs. Trapezoidal resin tile is widely used in recent years in the workshop, workshop and warehouse roof tile, this product is mainly aimed at the existing color steel roof tile is damaged by corrosion, and leakage, etc. , the increased cost of roof facing forcible entry, trapezoidal resin tile can directly reply to the original color steel roof tile, save time and effort, save the forcible entry cost, shorten the transforming period, once the market was welcomed by the owner, the annual sales continued to rise, become the 'energy saving, environmental protection' product promotion.
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