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tile roofing - which stone options are there?

by:Xingfa      2019-10-26
Tile roofs have always been one of the building covering technologies that people can use and have become more and more popular recently.
Asphalt tiles and more standard technologies still make up the majority, but many have recognized how long tiles have been used in history.
Because of this, more home builders now choose slate roof tiles as well.
The slate is not the only natural stone used as a roof cover either.
Again, you will also find granite on the roof as it has moved from floor or custom more standard location to upstairs
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Once the roof of the tile is mentioned, many people will immediately think of the curved clay tile in a warm climate.
Correct, if the roof coverings are not made of more common asphalt, they are usually made of clay or even concrete.
But there are more alternatives now.
Roof slab tiles are simple to make, because they are made of deteriorated rocks developed under pressure and are the result of mineral formation parallel lines.
In fact, all you need to do is divide the stone into flat slate floors or roof tiles.
But in addition to the roof slate tile option, you will also find granite particles formed in the roof tiles.
When cutting and delivering tiles that are really cut, many of these materials seem to come mainly from India, to a lesser extent from China, mainly in the colors of bkue or gray granite.
However, this stone can also be used in other ways, cut into pieces arranged between two layers of roof felt.
So while granite is increasingly being used, it doesn\'t seem to be as rich as the slate in the actual roof tiles.
While home builders recognize that slabs are more durable than many other materials, they still need to be aware of potential problems.
For example, if the building is located in an area that is subject to heavy hail, the additional fragility of the tiles may mean more repairs.
In addition, the extra weight of the tile may require some reinforcement of the roof.
However, if these are not the main obstacles, then the stone tile roof is a wise choice, not only because of its durability, but also because of its attractive smoothness, even color and form, so it
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