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Tibet shannan resettlement areas - — Synthetic resin tile build comfortable comfortable dwellings

by:Xingfa      2020-10-13
Let people live at ease, comfortable, meditation, all in the interests of the masses, placed Tibet shannan area project construction serious considerations on the use of each kind of building materials products, such as synthetic resin tile, from the product performance, safety, appearance, color and so on many aspects compared with different roof tile, finally determine the use of synthetic resin tile star. The building of the housing, for the people 'is a huimin polity, if there is no choose good building materials products, likely will be of a good thing.

Tibet shannan housing project planning began in 2016, the overall layout and design should accord with the actual need to farmers and herdsmen, more in line with the overall planning of the local, improve the utilization of land resources and tourism planning. Therefore, synthetic resin tile chose the representative of the Tibetan color & ndash; — Tibetan red building houses also extremely Tibetan style.

also considering that Tibet is an earthquake-prone area, China has many characteristics, such as high strength, wide distribution, therefore, the selection of safe, solid synthetic resin tile to as housing for roofing materials, is also considered very thoughtful. Resin tile with self tapping screw fixation on the purline, as long as the housing wall does not collapse, resin tile will not fall; Moreover, tiles is very light, even the wall collapsed fell off, also won't cause serious secondary damage.

in addition, Tibet shannan is a tourist mecca, shannan district in 2016 reached more than 2000 tourists. Synthetic resin tile adornment sex is strong, can hide the red coat is more prominent characteristics, unique to Tibetan lay a foundation for the development of tourism.

the construction of housing is an important project of municipal party committee and government attach great importance to, to forge a peace of mind, will be comfortable, quiet, satisfaction model of community.
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