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The synthetic resin roof tile

by:Xingfa      2020-10-16
On April 11, from hebei tangshan customers a line of three people visit star building materials, synthetic resin tile procurement related problem, Eva airways had scheduled another round-trip charter and warmly welcome the arrival of customers.

early autumn in September, along the township roads all the way into a certain natural village, greeted us, is a large red roofs, rice white straight in front of the wall, every household in cement road, yard neat and bright. Who would not think of, such a beautiful small village two years ago, a poor village is good famous. Because of using the tangshan roofing tile manufacturers production of synthetic resin roof tile, changed the original CunMao for the poor village.

this makes a lot of people had to turned to the countryside. More and more in recent years, and to help farmers policy, encourage rural self-built housing, day after day, year after year, going another novel rural resulted from building stands on the rural landscape. Since synthetic resin roof tile boost rural building, building beautiful villages.

main purpose is to purchase a batch of synthetic resin. Accompanied by Eva airways had scheduled another round-trip charter, customers visited, carefully observe the production process, view the sample of the equipment.

with country since the rise of the building, the synthetic resin roof tile can take this opportunity to fire again. Whether it is a bright color, red tile white wall or gray tiles celadon low-key mix build, resin tile can deliver, the electives. It is also necessary, of course, in addition to good, practical. Since rural building, resin tile so popular, simply because of good-looking, I'm afraid a little. As a house coat, appearance is important, but the inner is also to be reckoned with!

tangshan merchants said, through site visit, deeply felt the star power and high quality synthetic resin tile is very worthy of our cooperation, immediately signed a purchase contract.

the lid of the synthetic resin roof tile build rural oneself, don't lose buildings in the city, you want to take several layers of several layers, front yard grass flowers, backyard chickens, ducks, that call a relaxed and comfortable. In contrast, you prefer the rural building or three rooms one hall in the city?

in mid-april peach international city synthetic resin roof tile decorating success

because of the poverty and backwardness, the village many guy said a daughter-in-law is difficult, the somebody else girl to have a look at the village like this, have been away. But a short time, more than a year ago there muddy road on a rainy day, all the hardening. After sealed by the synthetic resin roof tile don't have to worry about rainy days house is leaking, even the families the outer walls of the painting. The whole village changed appearance, especially village CunMao had the fundamental improvement.
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