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The service life of resin tile

by:Xingfa      2020-10-16
Resin is a kind of new materials used in construction. Because of its good performance to win the people's favorite, at the same time, it's a matter of concern to the customer service life problem, resin tile manufacturers to make a brief introduction about the service life of it. Yes which is closely linked with the life of resin tile upper material, because the upper material selection of will directly affect the use time of resin, generally speaking, a manufacturer of this material are the one-time technology processing, surface application of material performance is good, is at the bottom of the wear resistant materials. These two kinds of material processed, will directly cause the service life of resin. Resin tile chooses France ATOGLAS high weatherability engineering resins produced by our company, as the surface of the tile material in nature has exceptional durability, it even long exposure to ultraviolet light, moisture, high and low temperature conditions, can still maintain its color stability, according to the Arizona and Florida sunlight intense areas such as outdoor use proved that ensures that the delta E 5 or less 10 years, effectively solve most of the roof tile now fade aging, prolong the service life of roof tile.
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