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The selection of resin tile purlin and construction

by:Xingfa      2020-10-16
In the resin tile industry rules, national standard 3. 0 mm resin tile purlin large spacing is 660 mm, so in the actual installation process, not to increase the spacing, or resin tile roof is easy to appear in the process of using the status of the subsidence of the arch since. Also consider the local climate conditions, if the wind and rain more areas, more small spacing, to play some more fasteners fixed resin. Industry and trade co. , LTD. As a domestic large resin tile production base, the following is for your detailed introduction about the selection of resin tile purlin and construction. Generally can choose square pipe steel purlin material resin tile keel ( 60×40×3㎜) , C payments ( 100×50×20×3㎜) Or anticorrosive wood square ( 60×40㎜) , square tube, or C payments do best anticorrosive processing, to prevent rust, prolong service life, also can be installed as resin reinforced concrete roof tile. Article well - purlin installation of steel 25 x 5, 660, fixed with Ф 3. Article 5 long masonry nail @ 600 hang tile: the article on tile position 180 mm from the roof line, facilitating installation is ridge tile; Hanging from the eaves tile article position 50 - below 70mm。 Article well hang with tile shall do antirust processing. Is important to note that different purlin to match different screws, such as steel purlin used self-tapping screws or nails, stainless steel Angle self-tapping screws are used wooden purline. Step 1. Leveling: before installation to test the purlin supporting and leveling, review its flatness, the roots of purlin by installation of 2. Elevation difference between purlin control within + / - 5 mm. 3. Play line: purlin point should be according to the requirement of design fixed position, the support of this application support line to draw, the purlin installation location, according to the purlin acceptance plan. 4. Fixed: according to the design requirements for welding or bolted, to adjust the position, again before fixed deviation plus or minus 5 mm or less. 5. Acceptance: after purlin installation by the project technical responsible to inform quality member or supervision engineer acceptance, confirm qualified and into the next process.
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