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The resin tile project - Wuxi check bridge concrete roof reconstruction experiment elementary school

by:Xingfa      2020-10-17
In June this year, is about to enter the plum-rain season, out of concern for concrete roof leak risk, wuxi xishan district experimental primary school, the total package party check bridge on the Internet to find the resin tile installation construction team, hope we are responsible for their concrete roof of campus.

engineering project director of on-the-spot investigation about the scene first, due to the new school is a key project administration, roofing tile material engineering request is anticorrosive durable high quality material, which can reach the design requirements, and the effect of both at the same time beautiful. According to their requirements, we recommend to use archaize synthetic resin tile, eventually the two sides reach an agreement, signed a contract.

the project manager is to transform the field survey and

during construction, the worker also met many challenges, the first new school late already under construction, to our construction period is very short, but there are a total construction area of more than 3000. Construction of the second site has several, and just in time to catch the rainy season, leading to the scene of the material approach and construction progress is slow. In the face of these difficulties, the mid day caigang and communications reinforce previous workers, and finally successfully completed the project the project of resin.

concrete roof reconstruction - Build after the completion of the resin tile

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