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The PVC plastic tile roof tile is fired ceramics workshop

by:Xingfa      2020-10-13
Recently, the PVC plastic tile manufacturers constantly from domestic production concentrated foshan ceramics, linyi, yixing, zhejiang and other places customer advisory calls. Reflect the workshop metal caigang watts in long-term high temperature firing temperature is in commonly 900 ℃ & ndash; Workshop has been corroded, between 1500 ℃ and ceramic firing process of sulfur dioxide and other corrosive gases, as well as the metal material of the clay in the separating iron oxide, the influence of the workshop not like the metal roofing tiles have rust. The main thing the rotten rust colored steel roofing tile slag will be sporadic fall off in ceramic ( The glaze of ceramic tile) , directly affects the quality of the product, and even cause a lot of rubbish out! Ceramic factory boss suffering! New in less than two years, caigang watts still repeating the past troubles. Heard that the PVC plastic tile can have corrosion effect, overjoyed, calls inquiry consultation in succession product! Everyone knows the PVC plastic tile is a kind of corrosion resistant materials. A benefits used for years, even if the end of the PVC plastic tile, also won't produce fine powder magazine whereabouts! Star hair PVC plastic tile market development in the field of fire ceramics in recent years there are a lot of success stories, let the boss in the field of ceramic word of mouth, racing to bold the choose and buy! Let the PVC plastic tile in ceramic field is steep!
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