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The pros and cons of resin tile, look at the surface of materials

by:Xingfa      2020-10-13
Resin tile industry knows, resin layer of material is critical, directly affects the service life of synthetic resin, the resin layer in addition to prevent ultraviolet ray, prevent fade, and corrosion resistance, anti-aging functions. Industry and trade co. , LTD. , the resin tile technician today to just give you a a recruit: from the surface fluctuation kongfu, to distinguish the quality resin. Resin is the main ASA material on tile surface material now, but there are some unscrupulous businessmen, in order to save costs, to switch to another kind of material on the surface, at called ABS materials, ASA market prices to more than thirty thousand nearly forty-one thousand tons, and the ABS market price as long as several thousand yuan a ton, relative to character, very cheap. Under the extremely similar appearance, performance differences can have how old? Below we will analyze the difference in detail. Produced using ABS resin tile appearance looks like ASA resin tile is very similar to that of the production process, the use of this kind of ABS materials, plank weather resistance layer thickness or uneven, can lead to fade, deformation and brittle crack problem, once fire, the fire will not have a flame retardant effect, short of residential fire protection standard. ASA basic performance 1, ASA compared with ABS, due to the introduction does not contain a double bond of acrylate rubber instead of butadiene rubber, and weather resistance with the change of the nature, about 10 times higher than ABS. Fire rating for the B1 level, belongs to the flame retardant, meet the basic housing fire prevention requirements; 2, ASA resin tile in sunlight exposure 9 ~ 15 months, impact strength and elongation have little drops, color also has changed little. 3, due to the structure and composition of ASA resin special, climate resistance of ASA is ten times the ABS, impact resistance, weather resistance and high temperature resistance, ASA on ABS, so suggest when choosing synthetic resin tile, must choose to use ASA as surface material of resin, so as to guarantee the life of the resin, and the appearance of the whole. Attach a simple identification method: teach you how to tell you to buy the resin tile is ASA surface or ABS? Tiles with fire burning your hands, then observe the changes of resin tiles: ABS resin tile: generate a lot of smoke during burning, after leaving the fire continues to burn, serious deformation after burning! ASA resin tile: same ignition time won't burn, left after the fire extinguishing automatically, tile body basic deformation by burning!
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