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The problems existing in the development of the PVC plastic tile industry - Foshan buddhist city star tile industry co. , LTD

by:Xingfa      2020-10-14
In recent months, due to the influence of the season, most of the PVC plastic tile companies in product sales is not very ambitious, manufacturers are struggling to find a breakthrough, make your products better. The PVC plastic tile market system is not perfect, there are a lot of potential. Some of these rules violation of consumer rights and interests. Problems existing in the development of PVC plastic tile industry are: 1, some on the surface of PVC plastic tile enterprises at low prices to attract consumers, but when consumers to place an order, but keep demanding customers premium; 2, at a higher price to consumers, sales of inferior corrosion tile products; 3 and sales of PVC plastic tile products failed the quality appraisal, some products without the patent number, to apply for a patent information cost consumer fraud; 4, poor service attitude; 5, in the process of the installation of the PVC plastic tile, some workers experience is insufficient, cannot assure the construction quality, has certain security hidden danger. Some PVC plastic tile enterprises begin to focus on the conditional county town, believe that there is a great potential for development. , of course, in the current under the condition of a gleam of full-scale mall, it is a development path, but the PVC plastic tile enterprises how to effectively use this aspect? Strength of the PVC plastic tile company can open stores in other place to do business directly and the condition is strictly control the PVC plastic tile product quality, perfect after-sales service system, satisfied customers, especially in rural areas. If there is a good product, we will recommend to neighbors, relatives and friends, bring to the company a bigger profit; Anti-corrosion company also can use e-commerce transactions on the Internet. At present, the rapid development of rural. Basically, each family can get to the Internet, it is more advantageous to the development of electronic commerce. At the same time, no matter what kind of promotion strategy and product function, the first is the quality of the goods. To ensure the quality of PVC plastic tile products, set up good brand image, the quality of the goods is necessary. PVC plastic tile enterprises want to have a certain advantage, win the trust of consumers, the need to make corresponding specification from their own Angle and solutions, such as resisting inferior PVC plastic tile products, return the installation budget, more or less to provide transparent prices, etc. , to establish a good corporate image.
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