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the price is right on vacant home

by:Xingfa      2019-10-31
Thirty-Three years ago. -
When Luis Gonzalez was born, Hyde Jenkins was a female student ---
The house they will buy and renovate one day has been vacant for several years.
Surrounded by chains
The link fence, covered by shrubs, was said to be haunted by the neighbor\'s children, and the 1927 bungalow remained vacant at the age of 70, 80 and 90, until the couple found the owner and persuaded him to sell.
Gonzalez said of the two: \"This house is doomed --\"bedroom, one-
The couple bought their bathroom for $150,000 in 2000.
Jenkins, a teacher from the SouthCentral L. A.
Gonzalez, who works in the apparel industry, has been looking for a fixed worker
A few years ago, upper grew up in their little Venetian Cottage, small lot and noisy neighborhood.
The house was repaired by Gonzalez\'s uncle, Fernando Linares, the contractor.
The couple would like to live in Silver Lake, Echo Park or Mt.
But they found the price too high and gave up the search.
One day, when they went to visit Linares in the non-corporate Del Rey community near Culver City, they noticed an abandoned house on the street.
\"We have seen it many times before,\" Gonzalez said . \".
\"It never clicked,\" Jenkins added . \".
The mother of real estate agent Margret Jenkins checked the name of the owner of the house.
The phone number was not listed, but she offered to write to the Northern California address on the title.
She wrote it again when there was no reply.
Finally, the owner, Philip Dudley, called.
The house was left to Padley by his Aunt Violet Keller, who lived there for 40 years, and his husband built the house in 1927, when the nearby Jefferson Avenue was a piece of soil
When he was young, Padley lived in a house five houses away from his aunt, which is now owned by Linares.
Padley arranged a visit and brought a photo album.
One of them showed his aunt in front of the beautifully decorated white stucco house, which had an arched window, a wooden door leading to the small door courtyard and wooden French doors.
However, in Keller\'s later years in the House, wooden windows have been replaced by aluminum windows, and French doors have also been replaced by aluminum sliders.
Each window is covered with black iron bars, and the yard is covered with black iron nets.
Padley did not say why he had never sold the house, but a neighbor told Gonzalez and Jenkins that others had offered to buy it for years.
In the 1980 s, when documents were forged to obtain the title, Padley went to the court to retrieve it.
Jenkins recalled that when Jenkins and Gonzalez saw the interior of the house, they were all stunned because of its potential 20-year-old talent ---
Wooden floor, tile kitchen, tile bath Bay, arch, ceiling, corner and building-in bookcases--
And the losses caused over the years.
\"It\'s hard to describe how bad it is,\" Gonzalez said . \".
Where the tile roof leaks or falls, the plaster wall becomes a paste and the floor is rotten. Fist-
Some walls are covered with mold spots of the size.
Old felt curled down from the floor.
The house behind the bar and aluminum awning is very dark.
Still, the couple wanted it.
Jenkins said: \"What we see under all of this is everything we are looking.
\"It took the couple months to convince Padley that he should sell them.
Finally, in early 2000, he agreed and determined the price calculated only for the value of the land, as the house was considered demolition.
Instead of making a mess of it, Jenkins and Gonzalez have an overriding goal: to get it back to the way Keller was when he first lived there.
Their main goal is aesthetics. -
New wooden windows and French doors are installed.
Vinyl and aluminum windows \"are not what we like,\" Gonzalez said.
\"Other goals are to repair the rotten walls and ceilings, save the wood floor as much as possible, and protect antique tiles during the construction phase.
To make the house lighter, they removed the bar and awning, and Linares suggested adding four skylights.
Linares also recommends making room from one of the two bedrooms to build a second bathroom and then extend the bedroom to the backyard.
He suggested digging an arch on the wall between the restaurant and the kitchen to make the kitchenette look bigger.
In order to keep the budget for the main job in the range of about $75,000, the couple made some concessions.
An arched drawing window is ridiculously expensive, so they have a rectangular one.
They also left jalousie windows in the bathroom and kitchen.
Fortunately, most of the old mahogany frames are still intact.
Prices fell further as Linares gave them a home discount because he did most of the work himself with several assistants instead of hiring subcontractors.
This modification method can save the profits of subcontractors, but usually takes longer.
In this case, the project slowed down due to two incidents: one was the death of the family, and the other was a month-long bus strike, which made it necessary for Linares to pick up his main assistant.
The building began in May 2000.
Jenkins and Gonzalez are also working hard to scrub, clean and even hang dry walls.
In August of the same year, they rented a house in Venice and moved into the former bedroom of the Del Rey House, where they lived in the last few months of the building.
Many wooden floors hidden under black dirt can be salvaged.
They use slate tiles where they go too far.
Just $1 per square foot is an economical and elegant alternative.
The fireplace and tile cannot be salvaged, but the new fireplace matches the old one.
Additional efforts are required to protect existing tiles during heavy carpentry and drywall phases, including laying heavy planks on pink tilesand-
Maroon kitchen counter and Greenand-
Black bathroom counter.
The original black base sink in the bathroom was retained and the chromium on the old Thermador heater was restored.
One item was broken during construction: black porcelain toilet cover.
When the arch passes through the kitchen wall, some tiles are lost, and more tiles are lost if the side wall is removed to incorporate the service porch into the kitchen space.
Gonzalez agrees with that, but Jenkins can\'t stand losing the wall of history and the old fridge on the other side.
Outside, a small wooden door was built to match Keller\'s door as much as possible.
After the completion of Linares in March 2001, the couple worked in the House for another year.
They painted the outside dark gray.
Green, Orange in the bedroom and original lavender in the bathroom.
The landscape design revolves around the path they choose to preserve the broken concrete and existing plants, including banana trees, castor hemp trees, bamboo and crawling figs.
The rest of the blockbuster is dry-
Tolerant locals or Mediterranean people who attract birds and insects.
The couple spent about $225,000 on the House and its renovation, as well as countless hours of labor.
They saw two other houses nearby for sale for $450,000 or more.
Gonzalez is already looking for another middleman.
\"This is a hobby,\" he said . \"
But he and Jenkins didn\'t want to sell the house.
They haven\'t even sold their little Venetian cottage yet.
As Gonzalez explained, \"We have feelings. \"*Kathy Price-
Robinson is a freelance writer who has written about remodeling for 12 years.
She can be contacted at www. kathyprice. com.
* Sourcebook project: renovate a 1927 bungalow that has been vacant for more than 30 years.
Contractor: Fernando Linares, Calver city (310)837-2548.
Duration: cost per year: approximately $75,000 for planning, engineering, licensing, inspection. . .
Demolition and transportation for $2,000. . .
$2,000 for windows and French doors. . .
$4,000 for pipeline repairs and fixtures. . .
New $7,000 electricity bill. .
$7,000 wood floor, Slate, kitchen tile. . .
Plastic plaster for $10,000. .
Construction materials and labor force of $1,000. . .
Miscellaneous fees of $37 000. . . $5,000Total. . .
The figure of about $75,000 is for the House only.
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