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The performance and advantages of ASA Synthetic Resin Spanish roof sheet

The performance and advantages of ASA Synthetic Resin Spanish roof sheet


The reason why synthetic resin spanish roof sheet has become a new type of environmentally friendly roofing material vigorously advocated and used by the country stems from the performance and advantages of synthetic resin spanish roof sheet. What are the specific ones? The editor of Foshan Xingfa Tile Industry summarized the following 13 points:

1. Anti-corrosion: There is no chemical reaction after soaking in salt, alkali and various acids below 60% for 24 hours;

2. Thermal insulation: the thermal conductivity of spanish roof sheet is 0.325W/m.k, which is about 1/310 of clay tiles, 1/5 of cement tiles, and 1/2000 of 0.5mm thick color steel tiles;

3. Anti-deformation: 1KG steel ball falls freely at a height of 3m, and the spanish roof sheet does not break;

4. Long-lasting color: long-term exposure to the harsh conditions of ultraviolet rays, humidity, heat and cold, can still maintain the stability of spanish roof sheets' color;

5. Excellent load resistance: When the supporting distance is 660mm, load 150kg, the spanish roof sheet will not crack and damage;

6. Good sound insulation effect: it has a good noise absorption effect under the influence of external noise such as heavy rain and strong wind;

7. Excellent self-cleaning performance: it is not easy to absorb dust, spanish roof sheet will be as clean as new after being washed by rain, and there will be no mottled color phenomenon;

8. Fast installation: high paving efficiency, light weight, easy to install and unload, complete installation accessories;

9. Stable volume: The expansion coefficient is 4.9x10-5mm/mm/, the temperature changes greatly, and the expansion and contraction of the tile can be digested by itself, thus the size is stable;

10. Good waterproof performance: it is dense and does not absorb water, and there is no problem of microporous water seepage;

11. Strong fire resistance: it is a flame-retardant material, reaching V-0 level of fire resistance;

12. Good insulation performance: insulation products will be intact even if they encounter accidental discharge;

13. Green and environmental protection: does not contain asbestos, glass fiber and radioactive elements, and can be recycled;


Of course, the performance and advantages of synthetic resin spanish roof sheet are not limited to these. Once they are launched, synthetic resin spanish roof sheet have been welcomed and recognized by people from all walks of life. They are widely used in municipal engineering, building materials, aquaculture, garden construction and other industries.

ASA Synthetic Resin Roof Sheet

Width: 1050 mm

Effective Width: 960 mm

Length: Customized (11.607meter is the max for 40'container, 5.694 meter is the max for 20'container)

Color: Brick Red, Green, Purplish Red, Grey Blue, Blue, Grey.etc.

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