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The old house in tile with synthetic resin tile, don't let tiles 'hit' hurt you

by:Xingfa      2020-10-19
Rural or urban in China, most of the traditional architecture of the roof is the main clay tile, old tiles on the material, the roof once the wind rain, it is easy to leak, it regularly will be built maintenance; Tiles fell it is commonplace, if hail or earthquake disaster, tiles pour down, the more catastrophic consequences. The best solution is to replace the old tile, one-time solve these problems. Synthetic resin tile, cheap, good, practical functions in one, is old house in a good choice. Don't let a piece of tiles above you!

some people say that traditional tile can use dozens of hundreds of years, but during the period of using, how many times have you been went to repair, still remember? How many times in the rain, in a big basin keg of leak? Now stay in the countryside basic are old people and children, when house leak occurs, you can rest assured on disabled old man to repair the roof? Can use a few hundreds of years, traditional tile that is in you repaired, fill the repairing & hellip; … Cycle to survive over the years.

in addition, the tiles fragile easy drop is a very big security hidden danger, common have tiles fell smashing news items, the case of injury. How many houses in the summer of 2016, the hail attack shattered, not to mention the 512 earthquake destroyed many buildings, and tiles and wall body break down, the secondary injury is the most deadly suffered from these natural disasters have deep experience, they are more cautious in the roofing tile of choose and buy, pay more attention to the safety performance. On the post-disaster reconstruction of wenchuan houses, resin tile figure everywhere.

because the resin tile more practical, can be used for 30 years, during the maintenance; Using the offensive and defensive board, the nail fixed watts water security firm, strong wind or earthquake will not fall off, safety coefficient is far more than the traditional roofing tile; Material not bibulous not ooze water, lap closely hold water; Fast installation, a piece of tiles can cover several square meters, less overlap, will reduce the risk of leak; Anticorrosion strong weatherability, ASA surface material with uv resistance, corrosion resistance, heat insulation, stable color and color is rich, is not a common plastic product can match, now a lot of car shell is ASA resin, strong weather resistance, long service life.

rural old house such as beams bearing structure of old, some wood structure has been gradually decay, in order not to increase the load, the light weight of synthetic resin tile is a wise choice, or bearing structure change into light steel roof truss can also.
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