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The old cultural relics shops in the district of yantai city for the first time to repair, the roof tiles in resin

by:Xingfa      2020-10-15
Yesterday, zhifu district north street outside a antique cultural relic shop, set up a safety net, after a storm comes a calm, construction personnel are busy change resin for cultural relic shop roof tiles. The cultural relics stores was founded in 1962, is the ancient cultural relics shops in the district of yantai city, after half a century of wind and rain, in the repair for the first time. Downtown, most notably the 3 f, gray walls, the window arris that red, arched Windows, the sculpture of of primitive simplicity and the wall, even in front of the French phoenix tree are very thick. Because it is the weekend, cultural relics shops are closed, a reporter from the building and out on the east side of the red door into the yard, along the stairs to the second floor in the open air, before the face of the whole building was, courtyard style, first, the east wing and west wing, south wing, red tiles, red columns, the floor of the red, red window edge, walk in the wood floor clunk sound, still remain after repair of steel pipe downstairs. Cultural relic shop staff surnamed wu told reporters that about half a month ago, yu huang top housing office began to repair house roof tile to replace into resin tile, 'all the tiles of the wing has changed, and changed into the resin. 'Staff told reporters. Due to the resin tile, building sound insulation effect is very good, to hear the noisy sound, outside the rare quiet. Zhifu yu huang top property management office staff told reporters, cultural relic shop building minor repair engineering continuously several years ago, 'm ray to the days after, wing has much leakage is very serious, we decided to building roofing tile are changed into the resin tile. 'The reporter sees, although action is bigger, but resin tile style to ensure complete ancient buildings. 'Is mainly the original brick tiles with resin, color is the same as the original. 'Staff told reporters, yantai cultural relic shop was founded in 1962, still have a half a century, is the city of ancient cultural relics shops.
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