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The new rural construction is still in use clay tile? Come and look at enhance synthetic resin tile!

by:Xingfa      2020-10-18
Now more and more new rural construction under the state vigorously support, a sea change in the countryside. Before the old house is in a traditional old tiles and pick up repairing overhaul is common, with resin, more and more popular, rural house with resin tile is also more common, but some customers still in doubt, the rural building a house with resin tile suit? Today, take a look at the analysis of the small make up. Actually, resin tile is to adopt high temperature mechanical suppression from chemical raw materials, the main raw material is made from resin, PVC multi-layer co-extrusion asa project. Is a light weight, less than traditional tile, corrosion resistance, waterproof, prevent pressure, antifreeze, moistureproof, with 'lotus effect' rain water left. Prevent hail, earthquake proof, heat insulation, durable, do not fade, and can keep the roof beautiful beautiful. At the same time, the resin tile colorful, this is obvious. Red, blue, grey, and so on, as long as it is the roof of the color you want, is to allocate. Which enhance the synthetic resin tile, tile is in ordinary resin on the basis of adding glass fiber grid cloth, the resin of shock, resistance to fracture and deformation temperature performance are improved; Contrast ordinary resin tile same type bending resistance increased by 75%, purlin spacing can increase 50%, effectively reduce the construction cost; Break strength increased by 82% at the same time, effectively avoid caused by strong winds tear of problems; Shock resistance increased by 50%, suitable for frequent hail and severe snow area. Reinforced synthetic resin tile is industry and trade co. , LTD. , the invention patent products, scrambling to imitate the manufacturer not a few on the market, customers carefully when buy. PVC plastic tile, anticorrosive, enhanced fiberglass resin, synthetic resin watts watts, ASP gangsu composite tile can be customized according to customer requirements, consulting for more details please call the hotline: 0535 - 3490877/13589772720.
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