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The new resin tile sales gold period is coming

by:Xingfa      2020-10-18
Compared to last year, this year all over the country sales of new type resin have jumped sharply, in addition to anti-corrosion products excellent weather resistance, thermal insulation, fire retardant, long service life, and many other advantages more and more consumer recognition, national policies and social environment have become an important driving force of new type resin tile sales climbed, sales of new resin tile gold period is coming!

policy environment:
new resin tile is the country vigorously advocate and promote the use of environmental protection and energy saving building materials, in the city landscape transformation, the ping change slope areas, turn shantytowns into new housing areas, such as construction of new countryside construction, new urbanization is widely used in engineering. On the national annual green building materials once again become a news topic, in his government work report premier li keqiang said: actively promote green architecture and building materials. Construction materials, therefore, take the path of green development is the inevitable trend of The Times. New resin product has passed the certification of Chinese environment mark product, science and technology development center by the national ministry of construction achievement assessment, product environmental protection, energy saving and renewable use, make it become the country's latest five-year plan to promote a new type of green roof construction materials.

social environment:
with people living standard rise, the environmental protection consciousness enhancement, the demand for environmental protection and energy saving building materials products are also increasing. To keep pace with times development of traditional roofing tile products will be eliminated gradually, the new resin tile products is more and more be known and accepted by people, in the vast countryside, more and more houses built in the use of resin tile, such as: the rural building, old building renovation in watts, country houses, farms, etc.

technology environment:
the new resin tile production process, technology and equipment has been mature, the partial products have catch up with the developed countries level, and export sales around the world. On the service, pay attention to the service has increased, customer oriented, continuously for customers to solve problems. Delivery guaranteed, we have all over the country perfect experience and delivery system, solved the difficult customer buys a product, transportation is convenient wait for a problem. Development of circular economy and green industry is the requirement of The Times, create our building materials enterprises to do the social responsibility and historical responsibility.

just need to build:
more and more people realize the flat-roofed buildings are prone to leakage, poor insulation, accumulated debris and other issues, when the new houses, most of the slope roof; This year, hail, floods and other natural disasters, serious all over the country, caused a large number of houses collapsed or need repair, these can use roof tile, tile is the most ideal new resin roofing material, demand will be more and more big.
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