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The most good-looking resin tile roof figure in the countryside

by:Xingfa      2020-10-13
Water running from the mountain, read up and pass.

leisurely stroll the landscape, ghanzi tube is nostalgia.

tile roof is poetry, invited you enjoy it.

idle for a couple outside dust, cross mountains dyeing.

the dragon FengCheng HuangHui, group of park under thick tea.

layers of pile of ink, continuous castle peak.

spring sheng long grass, zhu tile set each other off.

zhu tile xiaolou light Angle, continuous QiuShan twilight.

hills the pick hoe back to shade a park to be a bird.

warming Yang blows old temple, heart tile is unripe brightness.

the fierce glaze, more effort, drench the new tile.

green with zhu, misty rain and frost and snow.

citizen in front of everyone, ZhuZhang asks changes in temperature.
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