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The main reason for the high quality resin tile price is high

by:Xingfa      2020-10-16
A strive for perfection, raw materials, increase the cost of production good PVC resin tile selection of quality new material particles, refused to use any recycled material, produce of resin tile live longer, the color is more beautiful durable, service life in more than 30 years, inferior resin Havana, is to use recycle of waste plastics, extrusion processing again, although such resin tile price down, but use is greatly reduced, the life of a some use began cracking after a year or two. Second, the advanced production equipment, is the guarantee of high quality products of resin production equipment using automatic mixing material conveying system, improve the production environment, guarantee the stability of product quality further. 16 years was rated as state-level high-tech enterprises, products are exported to Europe, the americas, Oceania and so on more than 150 countries and regions, is Asia's resin tile production and export base. This on behalf of the state enterprises go abroad, compared the quality is guaranteed. Third, strict control and inspection of the products, also make tile cost increases from the finished product quality testing, synthetic resin tile industry standards have been released in 2011, according to the industry standard products have formal testing inspection reports, industry and trade co. , LTD is a company with their own independent resin tile testing laboratory, for each batch of production of resin tile should pass strict inspection and technical control, product quality is verified, can the factory package, won't make any batch of unqualified products flow to the market. Four, good resin tile requires constant innovation and development of resin industry development also requires constant innovation and research and development, from the plan put forward to the market research, mold, proofing production trials such as these are not small, but innovation is the core of enterprise development power, without such input, there is no better products and services customers, industry and trade into each year millions spent on product development and technology promotion, has a number of independent research and development core technology and intellectual property rights, far ahead in terms of new resin tile r&d. To do a tile, involves a lot of links, and do a good job in every detail of the production process of resin, he must pay the corresponding time, manpower and material cost. That doesn't include our packing, artificial and perfect after-sale management system, etc. , finish see this data, you see our house resin tile your reason? Know where the house we resin tile?
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