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The excellent properties of synthetic resin tile

by:Xingfa      2020-10-16
Self-cleaning synthetic resin tile itself with functions of lotus leaf to clean, not easy to absorb dust, once the rains washed out and clean as new, won't appear fouling phenomenon, the installation of a single tile area is large, the shop is of high efficiency, complete process simple products, saving time and labor for the installation. Loading the physics experiments: a kilogram of steel ball from 2 meters height of free fall does not produce crack on the surface of the tile, low-temperature falling ball impact products without damage, 10 times after 10 freeze-thaw cycle, synthetic resin tile no empty drum, foaming, stripping, crack phenomenon, in the northeast, Inner Mongolia and other low temperature, strong snow pressure zone has been widely used. Durable synthetic resin tile color choose France ATOGLAS high weatherability engineering resins produced by our company, as the surface of the tile material in nature has exceptional durability, it even long exposure to ultraviolet light, moisture, high and low temperature conditions, can still maintain its color stability, according to the Arizona and Florida sunlight intense areas such as outdoor use proved that can ensure the delta E 5 or less 10 years, effectively solve most of the roof tile now fade aging, prolong the service life of roof tile. Fire resistant synthetic resin tile body skeleton material for PVC resin, its chemical properties determines its flame retardant properties, product by the fire authority departments detection, fire rating can achieve B1 level, is the choice of roof and wall materials of all kinds of fire places.
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