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The best resin Havana, one meter - less money Resin tile price how much is 1 m

by:Xingfa      2020-10-16
【 The customer doubt 】 The best resin Havana, less money one meter

' The net friend answer 】 Resin tile in the following three: synthetic resin tile width: 880 & plusmn; 10毫米( Effective width, 800 mm) 1050± 10毫米( The effective width: 960 mm) Length: according to. Prices in more than 30 pieces of or so commonly, different thickness, color, material, etc. How much the price will have difference. Resin tile more production. Resin tile have sales? How much money a square meters

' The net friend answer 】 Resin tile is the floor tile large width, disappear soon, how much money wages are generally speaking a day. How long can cover to cover the area of the good is about to see is how the installation work with synthetic resin material probably how many is controlled in 150 yuan, the specifications of the resin thickness different price is different also

' The net friend answer 】 It all depends on what you want the resin tile quality, general quality or nearly 4500 yuan, 9000 yuan of the best on the market the price of high quality resin tile in 40 - commonly Price of 50 yuan/square meters, of course, resin by its own specification, material, thickness and decision, the south many small factory price is low, because of its joined the reduced the price of a lot of recycled material.

【 The net friend answer 】 Resin tile 2 mm 20 yuan a square, 2. 0 mm 35 yuan a square. The prices are different specifications for different. Resin Havana, less money a square

' The net friend answer 】 Resin tile price of a square in a few yuan 20 to 60 yuan, basically see manufacturer with resin content, surface whether authentic asa ageing resistance materials quotation. Synthetic resin tile price is generally 45 - in the market 60 yuan/square meters, of course, regional difference price is different, also has relationship with thickness.

【 The net friend answer 】 Contacted several resin tile supplier offer, price difference is very big, some very expensive, some cheap compared again.

【 The net friend answer 】 Star hair synthetic resin tile according to the specifications of different prices in 30 - probably 40 yuan/m

' The net friend answer 】 Star resin WaChang, factory cost wholesale price 35 to 40 square, specific see how much thickness.
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