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The best plastic roof tiles in 2021

The best plastic roof tiles in 2021


At present, there are many types of roofing materials in the building materials market, such as polycarbonate roof tile, PVC roof tiles, asphalt roof tile or FRP roof tiles, etc., with a wide variety of roofing tile materials. Roof tiles of different materials have their own strengths and weaknesses. We need to choose the most suitable roof tile material according to different engineering projects.

Following down, I will briefly introduce you a few more lightweight and durable, and very popular roof tile materials. These roofing materials are suitable for most types of buildings, and hope to be helpful to your architectural project.

 PVC roof tile

As a professional pvc roof tile manufacturer, let's first introduce and talk about PVC (polyvinyl chloride) roof tiles, which is a low-cost lightweight roof tile. PVC roof tile is not only relatively low in price, but also has good performance in flame retardant, waterproof, rigid, toughness, light transmittance, etc., and the installation cost is low, which can meet most of the requirements of construction projects, and can also reduce The cost of the project.

Although in terms of impact resistance, PVC roof tiles are not as strong as polycarbonate roof panels, PVC roof tiles remain intact in most cases under impact. Aiming at impact resistance, our company has also developed a new product of pvc roof tile with fiber mesh, which greatly enhances the impact resistance of pvc roof tile. Moreover, compared to polycarbonate roof panels, PVC roof tiles generally have scratch resistance and abrasion resistance.

In terms of price, PVC roof tiles are relatively cheaper than polycarbonate. At the same time, our XINGFA Translucent PVC roof tile has strong transparency, allowing light to easily pass through the Translucent PVC roof tile to illuminate the indoor area.

 Polycarbonate roof tile 

Polycarbonate roof tile is a strong thermoplastic, and it is difficult to tear it in half without a split. Because roof tiles are made of polycarbonate, this is a very tough material. If you use polycarbonate roof tile as a roofing material, you don't have to worry about the polycarbonate being damaged by any external or internal impact, because that is impossible.

Polycarbonate roof tiles are also lightweight roof tile materials, so installation is very simple, which not only reduces the total time to complete the project, but also reduces carbon emissions.

Polycarbonate roof tiles are also highly regarded in the roof material industry. It is almost the material of choice in projects such as greenhouses and terraces, because their transparency is very high, and sunlight can completely pass through the roof tile to enter the interior.

However, polycarbonate roof tiles have their disadvantages. They are not scratch resistant and are usually slightly more expensive than other popular plastic roof tiles.


Asphalt roof tile

Finally, we introduce bituminous roof tile. In terms of price, asphalt roof tiles are also one of the good roofing solutions.

If your project only needs waterproof, easy-to-install, low-cost roof panels, then asphalt panels are a good choice.

Asphalt roof tile itself has a high tensile strength, it is difficult to be destroyed even under harsh conditions, and it will not crack over a long period of time. If installed and maintained correctly, asphalt roof slabs can be used for more than ten years. If you want to reflect more heat, asphalt roof panels usually come in a variety of brighter colors to achieve this. However, compared with plastic plates, asphalt is more prone to small cracks and has poor impact resistance.


/ PVC Roof tile- Polycarbonate roof tile-Asphalt roof tile


Through the comparison of the above three roofing materials, we found that:

1. PVC roof tile has the characteristics of waterproof, rigidity, light transmission, scratch resistance and low installation cost, but its impact resistance is not as good as that of polycarbonate roof tiles, but we have other types of products to solve this type of problem.

1. The polycarbonate roof tile has strong impact resistance and is easy to install, but the cost is high and it is not wear-resistant.

3. Asphalt roof tile has strong water resistance, light weight, high tensile strength, simple installation and low maintenance cost, but its impact resistance is not as good as polycarbonate roof tile and PVC roof tile. The shortcomings are also obvious.


By understanding the characteristics and advantages and disadvantages of different roof materials, we can choose the most suitable roof tile products according to the requirements of different projects.

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