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The advantages of plastic tile rapid development

by:Xingfa      2020-10-15
Plastic tile has gradually replaced the cement tile appear in the workshop, each domains such as residential, commercial greenhouses, plastic tile as new building materials, the following is to analyze the cause of the plastic tile can occupy the market: 1, plastic tile weather resistance of excellence - Service life not less than fifty years; 15 degrees - 90 - degree slope roof building in use are free security layer. Plastic tile characteristics, structure, patent fittings and scientific and reasonable way of device make become whole roof waterproof system; 2, PVC plastic tile waterproof performance outstanding, Avoid fortification layer. 3, plastic tile wind, seismic, 90 degrees of building facade decoration safe and reliable; Regardless of inland or coastal, regardless of the application in the villa or top. Can withstand hurricane, earthquake, roofing system safe and reliable; Innovative personality. 4, PVC plastic tile rich colors, durable stability, PVC plastic tile surface bright and clean, strong acid and alkaline, so in any environment will not mildew, corrosion, if it is new, flame retardant grade standard. 5 plastic tile conform to the requirements of the roofing material fire fire prevention performance is good, effective slow fire spread. 6 the PVC plastic tile roof tile is the highest heat insulation, heat preservation performance, core layer of porous materials make sound energy due to friction in the porous wall recession, improve the effect of sound insulation.
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