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The advantages and disadvantages of cement tile and buying patterns

by:Xingfa      2020-10-19
For cement tile you will have a master, various color cement tile, long life, low price. It is the key to build general oneself, also apply to villa villa and multi-storey building waterproof thermal insulation, suffers many of the customers favor. Under network make up for you in detail the advantages and disadvantages of cement tile and buying patterns.

the advantage of cement tile
1, color colorful, chosen is concrete and a pebble. 2, long life, low price. 3, the surface is not smooth.
the defects of cement tile

1, the use of performance is weak, the color is very easy to fall. 2, project construction is not convenient, specifications. 3, level is low. 4, easy ooze water. 5, heavy quality, promote flat roof load work ability. 6, gentle slope can't shop is stuck, easy ooze water. 7, maintenance costs

cement tile buy way 1, exterior
when buy need to see if cement tile shape leveling, does not distort, peace is destroyed. If put tiles on the flat area, click then know if the leveling.

2, coloring layer can see is the surface of the cement tile paint or concrete, and the application of paint colorful color cement tile, and does not rub off. When buying a front from side and edge saw thick layer of color to a certain extent, latter is too thin, and can see paint sprayer.

3, the compactness is also can see the relative density of cement strength, permeability grade water-soluble and life. If the compactness of cement tile work is unable to bear large pressure, if found internal clearance is big, so the permeability grade resistance is poor. In rainy day, precipitation will seep into the reverse side drip, which permeates the flat roof.

4, permeability grade sex in can put the cement tile against, when buying water observed in the concave groove of the region, if full flush whole words, show good compactness, raw material proportion, on the contrary indicates poor permeability grade.

can from in vitro, production of raw materials, compactness, tile color process and its raw materials, manufacturing technology and other aspects of the actor bad of character of evaluation of cement tile.

first, tile body materials, decorative building materials product quality between all is immediately related raw material quality, good cement tile products must use high quality river sand and model no. 400 above the concrete as key raw materials. Suitable for raw materials and ingredients. These aspects to producer production workshop production on the spot investigation with material is to manufacture high quality cement tile. The second type, tile in vitro assessment, the tile body shape good consistency, no large-scale crack and breakage, tile body deformation conditions, no significant distortion of tile net weight in the standard category, after sampling inspection does not have a large net weight error. General under the condition of net weight is caused by the error of machining process middling some condition, can clear the cement tile manufacturers from these aspects to manufacturing supervision and control is standard. Third, compactness and production line equipment, high compactness conditions cement tile is the key to the cement tile tile is excellent than other materials, if lack of compactness, the characteristics of the cement tile advantage affected by very large. Compactness is unqualified, decision of the compressive strength, infiltration resistance, frost resistance of cement tile circularity, even could the cement tile, etc. Does the common condition compactness can be qualified, are immediately associated with product line equipment. When buying, must to the manufacturer is investigating the production line equipment to manufacture high toughness of cement tile. Poinsettia cement tile products sales on the market at present stage the best cement tile manufacturing machinery and equipment production, quality achieve or exceed manufacturing industry inspection standard completely. Fourth, color, solution, most sales of cement tile on the market at present stage is acrylate paint color tile special architectural coatings, but some don't have standard for blasting, not actual operation, serious shoddy (according to the requirement Fake or own preparation does not pass acrylate color tile architectural coatings application) , greatly reduce the cement tile color to maintain the ability to work. And the customer and is not easy to distinguish the merits of the surface coating. We manufacture acrylic color tile architectural coatings, is approved by the cement tile manufacturing industry at present in China the best cement tile architectural coatings products, include Qingdao hua-ou group co. , LTD. Production of high-grade concrete color tile products the color tile is supply by Jin Jiayuan enterprise architectural coatings. Poinsettia WaChang cement concrete color tile manufacturing industry in China as the top company, Jin Jiayuan architectural coatings has been everyone only the color tile dealers. In color in the color tile solution to carry out the above two color painting, at least one surface color maintenance solution, it can achieve ideal color effect.

as a whole, to ensure the quality of the cement tile products, manufacturers choose is very important. Is the present sales market view, international brand most of it is a high grade product, to ensure quality, but the price is very high. Intermediate products is one of China's cement tile company, product price is moderate, is a bit low, quality can consider application rules completely. Key to small-scale taxpayers mid-range products manufacturers or small workshops manufacture, cheap, no matter from the machinery and equipment, raw materials, production process management methods such as level also does not have to ensure quality, and on certain level to destroy the credibility of the cement tile in decoration industry.
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