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the advantages and disadvantages of bitumen roof shingles

by:Xingfa      2019-10-28
Asphalt roof tops are becoming more and more popular in sheds, summer houses, wooden houses and other garden buildings, but what are the advantages and disadvantages of using them? Advantages 1.
The roof top is very nice, and the asphalt feels that the roof tile is George Clooney of the roof cover.
They come in a variety of different shapes and colors, so you can choose what you like.
Square lattice boards are the most popular, but other designs, such as Hexagon and beaver tails, are catching up quickly now.
The same is true of color.
Good old black or green doesn\'t go wrong, but newer, more earthy shades are becoming more and more popular.
We sold a lot of gray, brown and red. 2.
Roof panels are quick and convenient to install. Once you understand the principle of fixing the roof slab, you should cover your building right away and keep the water tight.
It\'s best to lay the wooden tiles on the floor first, and check if you have a pattern before fixing them.
There is an asphalt layer on the back of some wood tile strips, heated in the sun to create an additional protective layer, and some wood tile strips only have a small amount of asphalt.
Anyway, these straps need to be fixed with a big head impact nail.
With two workers, the roof is easier and faster. 3.
The wooden tiles on the roof are thicker and longer lasting.
The felt roof is 3mm thick and made of fiberglass core, which is coated with high quality asphalt and then covered with stone.
The way they are installed is to overlap with each other to create the desired pattern, so at most points on the building you will actually have 6mm of the covering.
They are plastic-able, so you can install them easily, but they don\'t tear as easily as cheap shed felt.
Their quality means that they are more durable and have only 3-5 years. 4.
The IKO roof tiles we supply have been thoroughly tested in the wind tunnel to ensure they are high quality products.
Our storms in the UK are not important to them, just a movement in the hurricane.
If you live in an exposed place then they are definitely a good choice for you.
Disadvantages 1.
Initially, the price of the CostRoof tile was slightly higher than the traditional shed felt.
Having said that, when you consider how long they last and the quality you get, you can see your purchase as an investment over time.
You will get a return on this investment in the long run. 2.
Fixed speeds while wooden tiles can be fixed relatively quickly and easily, they work less quickly than shed felt.
Depending on the size of the building, you may need to assign a good proportion to the task during the day, not about an hour.
However, the roof top is much faster and easier to use than some other roof materials, such as slate or cedar wood tiles.
We think they deserve a little more effort.
In short, the advantages of using the roof plate must be greater than the disadvantages, and the disadvantages are hardly worth mentioning.
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