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The advantage of the synthetic resin roof tile in the countryside

by:Xingfa      2020-10-16
Now rural self-built housing, the old house renovation in tile use synthetic resin tile advantage what? First we talk about the synthetic resin tile is made of what material. Synthetic resin tile surface is bright and clean smooth, USES is with ASA high weatherability engineering resin, and base is made of high quality PVC resin wear-resisting, through the composite co-extrusion technology processed at a time. Has anti-aging, corrosion resistance, not easy to fade, waterproof thermal insulation, tile material density effect is good, no crack, and many other advantages. For the service life of the ordinary houses in the 30 years or so, and not with maintenance during use, that is to say don't like old tiles before, by a great wind after heavy rain will need to pick up tile on the roof. Synthetic resin tile with functions of 'self-cleaning', after a heavy rain will be more clean as new, color and beautiful durable. Synthetic resin tile yes specifications have 720 mm, 880 mm and 1040 mm, width design, less overlap, water proofing property is good, fast installation, province of the save Labour when installation. Rural house roof, old roofing construction, ping change slope preferred synthetic resin tile! Sales hotline: 0535 3490877
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