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The advantage of the 3-layers upvc corrugated roof sheet

The advantage of the 3-layers upvc corrugated roof sheet

Three-layer upvc roofing sheet also called UPVC corrugated roof sheet, which have outstanding heat insulation effects. The main material of the three-layer UPVC roof tile is magnesium cementation, namely magnesium oxide, which is non-toxic and non-radiation, and has a strong heat insulation function. The outer layer is sealed with a plastic alloy and has the functions of waterproof, fireproof, and corrosion resistance.
1. Strong thermal insulation performance: clay tiles, cement tiles, and color steel tiles all have thermal insulation effects. PVC plastic corrugated roof sheet have the best thermal insulation effect, with a thermal conductivity of 0.325W/mk, which is approximately that of clay tiles. 1/310, 1/5 of the cement tile, 1/2000 of the 0.5mm thick color steel tile;
2. Strength and toughness: impact resistance, tensile resistance, not easy to brittle and crack;
3. Good sound insulation effect: under the influence of external noise such as heavy rain and strong wind, it has a good noise absorption effect. In contrast, the sound insulation effect of color steel tiles is relatively poor;
4. Anti-corrosion: In the salt, alkali and acid environment, it will not easily change in quality. The anti-corrosion of color steel tile is worse than other tiles;
5. Good waterproof performance: good waterproof and moisture-proof function;
6. Strong fire resistance: it is a non-combustible material, it will be extinguished after leaving the fire;
7. Good insulation performance: insulation products will be intact even if they encounter accidental discharge;
8. Green and environmental protection: it does not contain asbestos, glass fiber and radioactive elements, and can be recycled. Asbestos cement tiles contain carcinogens;

UPVC plastic corrugated roof sheet have the most ideal thermal insulation effect, especially APVC roof sheet and ASA/PVC roof sheet.

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