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tesla website starts selling solar roofs

by:Xingfa      2019-10-29
Electric car maker Tesla has added another product to its product line: solar roof tiles.
As of Wednesday, global customers can order solar roofs at Tesla\'s US headquarters. S. website.
Installation will begin in the US next month. S.
From California.
Facilities outside the United StatesS.
The company says it will start next year.
Last fall, just before Tesla merged with solar panel maker SolarCity Corp. , glass tiles were unveiled by Tesla.
They are designed to look like traditional roofs with the option to copy slate or clay tiles.
Solar tiles contain photovoltaic cells that are invisible from the street.
Tesla announced a $36 M rebate plan for home solar panels. as shares on SolarCity dealTesla\'s website fell, business seselon saw a $1 trillion Tesla, including a calculator, potential buyers can estimate the cost of a solar roof based on the size of their home the amount of sunlight their neighbors get and the federal tax credit.
They can also pay a refundable deposit of $1,000 to book the place in line.
Tesla said that the installation cost per square foot of solar tiles was $42, much higher than the slate (about $17 per square foot) or asphalt price, about $5.
However, the family only needs to use 30-40 of the roof tiles for solar energy;
The rest will be cheaper.
Solar tiles that will be mixed with solar tiles.
Tesla says a typical homeowner may have to pay $21.
Tesla\'s solar roof is £ 85 per square foot.
The company says the roof will pay for its own electricity savings over time.
The roof is a guarantee of family life.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk declined to say how many orders the company will receive this year.
\"It will be very difficult, it will take a long time, there will be some mistakes along the way.
But this is the only sensible vision for the future . \"
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