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tesla to take orders for solar roof tiles

by:Xingfa      2019-10-27
If Tesla succeeds, the roof solar might be transformed in fashion.
Palo Alto hotels, California-
CEO Elon Musk says the technology company, known for its luxury electric vehicles, will begin selling roof tiles that turn solar energy into electricity in April.
Tesla will provide a product through its SolarCity department.
Musk said it was the owner\'s idea.
\"The basis of this proposition is, do you want a roof that looks better than a normal roof, lasts twice as long and costs less?
Musk told investors in November.
\"It\'s like why you have something else?
Maybe there\'s a reason.
I don\'t know why.
\"While the idea has been talked about for a long time in the solar community, no one is able to get it to work on a large scale at an affordable price.
Questions about the efficiency and cost of using tiles instead of panels remain.
But there is no doubt that it will improve the look of the house compared to the roof panel.
If Tesla\'s SolarCity division could launch an effective solar panel, it would be a coup.
It will immediately differentiate the company from its competitors.
In October, the company expected the new product to eventually account for 5% of the U. S. roofing business.
Although Tesla will start accepting orders in April, it is not clear how long the product will start production and start delivery.
Tesla is known for taking long-term orders before delivering the product.
For example, the company began accepting a refundable deposit for Model 3 electric vehicles in March 2016, but the original production vehicle could not be reached until at least 2017 summer.
Some buyers may have to wait a few years to receive the car, analysts said.
Still, if Tesla fulfills Musk\'s promise, solar roof tiles could disrupt the home renewable energy market.
A Tesla spokesman failed to provide immediate pricing and timing details on Monday.
The company said on its website that in combination with the projected utility bill savings, the product will offer \"lower costs than traditional roofs \".
\"The product can also pave the way for Tesla\'s increased interest in its family --
Energy storage products, walls-
The installation battery pack that provides the backup power supply.
When the sun goes down, the solar energy can power the battery pack.
\"Solar energy and batteries combine like peanut butter and jelly,\" Musk said in October . \".
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