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tesla starts taking orders for premium solar roofs

by:Xingfa      2019-11-10
(Reuters)-Tesla Inc (TSLA. O)
Orders for solar roof tiles began on Wednesday, the cornerstone of Elon Musk\'s strategy to sell fossils --fuel-
A free lifestyle named after its luxury electric car brand.
Tesla said that this product that can generate solar energy without traditional roof panels will be more expensive than traditional roofs, but it looks better and will eventually pay for itself by reducing the cost of electricity.
Solar roof tiles lit up in October when Musk tried to convince shareholders of the benefits of combining his electric car maker with solar installer SolarCity.
Tesla acquired SolarCity in November and has been working to reinvent a company --
Lost the company that sold traditional solar systems as high-end energy brands.
So far, other companies have had little market success in trying to incorporate solar technology directly into roof tiles.
It is unclear whether these products will attract consumers like Tesla\'s electric vehicles.
In order to purchase a solar roof, homeowners must pay a $1,000 deposit through Tesla\'s website.
There, they can also calculate the expected upfront cost of the solar roof. A 1700-square-
According to the calculator, the foot roof of Southern California, half of which is covered with \"active\" solar tiles, will cost about $34,300 after the federal tax credit.
Tesla estimates that such a roof can generate $76,700 in electricity in 30 years.
The company says its solar roof is 10 to 15% cheaper than ordinary new roof and traditional solar panels.
But the chief executive of Jim Petersen PetersenDean, the company, installed about 30,000 new roof solar energy plus one year, with an estimated 1700-square-
The roof of the new solar panel, including the tax credit, will cost about $22,000, far below Tesla\'s estimate.
The cost varies depending on the roof type.
Tesla said that starting with the gray smooth glass and the black textured glass version, glass tiles will be available in the United States later this year.
Slate and Tuscan style will be launched in 2018.
Products will be received in overseas markets next year.
Tesla said it expects the product to be popular outside of where its SolarCity subsidiary is currently operating and plans to expand its installers accordingly.
Tesla will produce the tile at a solar plant in Buffalo, New York.
Musk told reporters in a conference call that production will start \"very slowly\" and he expects strong demand.
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