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tesla says solar roof production has started in buffalo ...

by:Xingfa      2019-10-27
(Reuters)-Tesla Inc (TSLA. O)
On Tuesday, the company began producing high-end solar roof tiles in Buffalo, and last month, the New York factory began investigating households with customers who deposited $1,000 in the product last year.
The solar roof does not require traditional roof panels to generate electricity, and is the cornerstone of the strategy of electric vehicle manufacturers to sell fossilsfuel-
Free lifestyle under the luxury Tesla brand.
Tesla released the product in October 2016 in an attempt to acquire solar installation company SolarCity.
Tesla said at the time that the product could be launched as early as the summer of 2017.
On November, Tesla founder Elon Musk said the product will experience 6-
The one-month testing process says \"it will only take a while to get this behemoth rolling.
\"As part of the initial pilot program, a dozen Tesla employees, including Musk and chief technology officer JB Straubel, installed solar roofs at home last year.
Tesla began accepting orders for May solar roof tiles, requiring homeowners to pay a $1,000 deposit through its website.
Tesla will not disclose how many solar roof reservations it received.
The product will be installed on the roof of some customers in the coming months.
The company says its solar roof will be 10 to 15% cheaper than ordinary new roof and traditional solar panels.
Tesla is working with Japan Panasonic, its long-term battery partner, to produce solar products at its Buffalo plant.
Tesla said it currently has about 500 employees working in the plant.
The companies started producing traditional solar panels at the plant last year, but have not yet been installed on the roof.
The company said it will achieve more than 1 gigawatt of battery and module production in Buffalo, which may double, but did not give a timetable for achieving the goal.
Tesla said its main goal is to increase the production of the Model 3 sedan.
The company said last week that by the end of the first quarter, it could produce about 2,500 Model 3 a week, half of the amount previously promised.
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