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tesla reveals pricing for solar roof as order books open

by:Xingfa      2019-11-02
Tesla began accepting orders for glass roof tiles for its latest energy product on Thursday.
Tesla has four different designs for roof tiles, which the company calls solar roof tiles, although there are currently only two available for ordering.
Tesla will charge a deposit of $1,000 and hope to start the first installation in June.
Depending on where you live, the price will vary (
Due to subsidies)
And the design of your house.
In general, the price of solar roof tiles per square foot is between $30 and $45. (
Pricing Calculator can be found here. )
This is quite expensive compared to traditional roof costs, which may be as low as $5 per square foot depending on the material, but Tesla notes that in order to make the system work, you don\'t need to decorate your entire roof with solar panels.
Tesla will sell glass tiles minus solar panels for about $11 per square foot to provide a seamless look for your roof.
Tesla also pointed out that the price of a complete solar roof is closer to the traditional roof with solar panels installed.
With the creation of free energy, assuming you plan to stay still for the next few decades, the roof is likely to be fully paid off.
The cost of adding a Tesla Powerwall battery to the system is an additional $7,000.
Tesla\'s price includes the cost of installation.
The solar roof was first announced last fall and is the third and final step in Tesla\'s overall plan to become a \"vertically integrated energy company offering end services\"to-
Clean energy products.
\"Ideally, you can use roof tiles to generate power from the sun, and then store that power in Tesla Powerwall for later use at your home or on Tesla electric vehicles.
Roof tiles were originally sold by SolarCity, which Tesla acquired shortly after it was announced last fall.
Tesla offers a lifetime warranty on the tile while the power of the tile-
Ability to generate 30-year warranty.
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