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tesla has a new rival in quest to make solar rooftops ...

by:Xingfa      2019-10-28
Elon Musk recently announced 2019 as the year of solar roof \". ”The Tesla Inc.
Chief Executive Officer is probably right. -
But not what he expected.
When automakers try to increase production of their textured glass, solar cells --
Another strong competitor is embedded roof tiles: roof workers.
One of the world\'s largest roofing companies has begun offering their own version of the solar roof ---
Basically, the panels are placed right on the top of the house, surrounded by wooden tiles.
Standard Industry Corporation
Martin DeBono, president of GAF Energy, said the company has received 200 product orders so far and is expected to ship 2,000 this year.
This is Tesla\'s direct competition, and so far, Tesla has been the only major game in town in terms of solar roof.
Industry giants of Sunrun Inc.
And Vivint Solar
Attach a panel to the roof.
Construction moves into the solar sector
A company in roof space, Tesla has been committed to high ground from the ground.
Introduction to 2016--
And threaten the economy of the entire roof industry because solar customers are cheaper for builders who have signed up to install the roof.
The way GAF\'s DeBono sees solar opportunities is: \"Let\'s be vandals, not vandals.
Sunrun and Tesla declined to comment.
Vivint did not respond to requests for comment.
GAF is also not the only roofing worker to expand in the solar sector.
Petersendi roofing and Solar started offering panels five years ago, with 9,800 units installed in 2018, and the installation speed will double this year, said Steve Huber, vice president of consumer sales at the company.
Supplier of construction products
The solar division was established in 2010.
Their products are not exactly the same.
Tesla\'s solar roof, for example, is a customable, made-to-order product.
GAF did one. size-fits-
All options ready to install out of the box.
Others put the panel on the roof with racks and brackets.
Just as the industry prepares to install, builders are expanding into the solar sector.
California is demanding an investigation into new homes from next year.
This could increase the state\'s annual installed capacity to nearly 1.
According to bloomberneff, the 6 gigawatts in 2020 were about 950 megawatts from last year.
Sunrun and Vivint have established partnerships with home
Builders in preparation
\"Other trade services, including roofing workers, electricians and families, have the potential to provide solar energy --
Hugh brosley of New York said: \"maintenance professionals
Based on analysts at BloombergNEF.
\"Solar power itself does not need to be an industry of its own.
As far as Tesla is concerned, it admitted in late January that while trying to improve its manufacturing capabilities, it continued to install solar roofs \"at a slow pace.
On Thursday, Musk said the company was turning its attention to the product as production of its Model 3 sedan \"went well.
The solar roof is not \"needle-
The promoter of Tesla shares, \"Jeff Osborne, analyst at Cowen.
Said in an interview.
\"Now, it\'s on the whiteboard of many Tesla products that have been proposed or disclosed and do not exist in quality,\" he said . \".
As for GAF energy, the company expects to ship about 10 megawatts of solar energy in nine states this year. S.
States including California and New York.
In contrast, nuclear reactors generate up to 1,000 MW of electricity.
\"We are a growing startup in the hot space and we start from scratch,\" DeBono said . \".
\"Our goal is to make the roof workers solar. ”—
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