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tesla’s solar roof sets musk’s grand unification into motion

by:Xingfa      2019-10-28
Tesla has begun to accept orders for new solar roofs.
The price is competitive, which marks the last part of Elon Musk\'s vision for his clean unity
Energy Ambitions
A combination of solar, household batteries and electric vehicles.
\"These are really three legs for the future of sustainable energy,\" Musk said . \".
\"Solar energy will turn into a fixed battery pack so you have power at night and charge the electric car . . . . . . You can expand it according to all the needs of the world.
Tesla opened an online store and began charging a $1,000 deposit for two of the four options launched in October: smooth black glass and texture
Glass roof tiles.
From most observations, smooth wooden tiles look like standard roof materials, but they allow light to pass through the solar cells embedded under the tempered surface from above.
The first installation will begin in the United States. S.
In June, orders were accepted in 2018 countries around the world.
The cost of Tesla\'s solar roof is critical to determining whether it is a niche for the rich or opening up the housing solar market that has been slowing down in the United States. S.
Prices posted on Wednesday were lower than many analysts expected, including Bloomberg New Energy Finance and Consumer Reports.
When energy saving and lifetime cost of ownership are considered (
Tesla promises it will surpass your home)
This is an affordable option in many parts of the country.
\"The price is better than I expected, better than everyone expected,\" Hugh brosley said . \" A solar analyst at Bloomberg New Energy Finance has been skeptical about the potential market impact of new products. Tesla’s all-
Bromley said the cost of active solar tiles was about $42 per square foot, \"significantly lower than\" BNEF\'s previously estimated $68 per square foot.
Inactive tiles cost $11 per square foot, and Tesla says the overall average price per square foot is expected to be around $22.
Tesla\'s solar panels could open the door for the wealthy American suburbs, where one would normally ask for a pleasant aesthetic, sometimes banning the use of visible solar panels.
But they\'re not for everyone yet.
The solar roof still has a fairly large upfront price tag.
Replace roof ofa2, 000 square-
Walking home in New York State
40% active solar tile and night backup battery coverage-time use—
It will cost about $50,000 after the federal tax credit.
According to Tesla\'s website calculator, it will pay for its own cost with $64,000 of energy produced in 30 years, but this requires a larger mortgage and some long-termtermplanning.
In this case, the Tesla Solar Roof is not only more expensive than the traditional roof
Contradicts Musk\'s statement last year.
But it\'s more expensive than a traditional roof, with solar panels on it.
This is because the aTesla solar roof may require more square feet of active solar power to meet the same energy needs as conventional solar panels.
Although the Panasonic solar cells used by Tesla are the best in the industry, they must be further apart from the traditional panels to take into account the edges of each wooden tile, BNEF\'s brosley said.
Tesla did not disclose the price of power generation per square foot and power capacity per watt.
Mr brosley believes traditional solar equipment could be 30% cheaper than Tesla\'s roof.
But Tesla\'s roof looks better and has a lifetime warranty, while the regular roof is usually replaced every few decades.
\"A 30% premium is acceptable, especially for eager customers like Tesla Motors --
Willing to pay $35,000 buyers for the base version of the upcoming Model 3.
Tesla has been adopting Apple\'s solar store strategy since acquiring SolarCity.
Spent $2 billion last year.
The idea is to reduce the high prices associated with actively identifying new customers, rather than passively attracting them through their shopping malls and other high-priced premium car stores
Traffic location.
The initial trial found that the new method was 50 to 100% more effective than the best one
Tesla, which sells SolarCity products.
Tesla has stopped the gates of SolarCity. to-
Over the next six months, more than 70 stores will be staffed for solar sales.
The production of ceramic tiles will start at the Tesha Fremont solar plant in California, and then transfer to the new plant in Buffalo, New York this summer, and Panasonic\'s Tesa Patna will also invest.
Musk says initial sales will be limited due to manufacturing capacity constraints.
As production increases to 2018, sales will begin in the UK, Australia and elsewhere, along with the introduction of carved Terracotta Warriors and slate versions of solar roofs.
According to Tesla, tempered glass in Tesla tiles is designed to meet the most stringent durability standards for roof and solar products.
According to the company\'s website, the roof itself is guaranteed to exceed your home, while the power production of solar cells is covered by a 30-year warranty.
As Musk likes to point out, the glass has a \"quasi -\"
Although potential solar cells will degrade over time, life is unlimited.
In other tests, the company fired tiles with hail guns.
The following video compares Tesla\'s solar tile (left)
There are traditional commercial slabs and clay tiles. Each 2-
Inches of hail traveled at a speed of 110 miles per hour at the time of impact.
Tesla\'s basic premise is to make solar ownership more attractive and affordable by eliminating the need to install roofs and solar panels.
Tesla will manage the entire process of solar roof installation, including the removal of existing roofs, design, license, installation and maintenance.
The company estimates that it will take about a week for each installation.
\"What kind of future should we have?
Musk asked on the phone with reporters.
\"What do we think the world should look like?
He declared that in the future, every roof should be beautiful, and they should generate electricity.
In order to achieve this vision, prices must be lowered further.
But not far from that, as these industries expand globally, prices for batteries and solar cells continue to fall.
If the price of these new solar roofs is only Tesla\'s bid for its early adopters, then the glass solar roof may indeed be tomorrow\'s asphalt.
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