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tesla’s solar roof is incredibly sleek… and incredibly expensive

by:Xingfa      2019-11-06
In addition to selling cars, it is no secret that Tesla\'s primary goal is to change the way the world uses and powers. Hardly a well-
Elon Musk explained this in the second iteration of Tesla\'s overall plan.
Musk wrote in 2016: \"The point of all this is that the past and present are accelerating the emergence of sustainable energy so that we can imagine that life is still beautiful in the future.
\"Related Reports: Watch Tesla\'s\" sentinel mode \"to capture a picture of a masked man trying to crash the Model 3. Elon Musk says Tesla designed a James Bond.
Musk went on to explain that the inspired submarine car Tesla Model S was on fire in a supercharged standing in Belgium, \"We have to achieve a sustainable energy economy at some point, otherwise we will burn out of fossil fuel and civilization will collapse.
\"In light of this, it\'s not surprising when Tesla bought SolarCity for nearly $2 in 2016. 7 billion.
A year later, Tesla opened an order for solar roof tiles that turned sunlight into electricity.
There is no doubt that the solar roof tiles sold by Tesla look very smooth and are basically no different from the regular roof.
However, in terms of price, there are still many shortcomings in Tesla\'s solar roof tiles.
In response to this issue, Electrek passed on some interesting information about the potential customer\'s offer to install a solar roof. For a 9.
Tesla installed 45 KW systems on a 1,862-square-foot roof, charged $64,634 for solar roofs, $10,050 for power walls, and $10,630 for roof and site repairs.
The entire solar roof system and engineering cost a staggering $85,314.
The solar roof alone adds nearly $35 per square foot, well above $21.
Tesla guided the price of 85 for the product for the first time.
The report does point out that the roof of quest has a lot of solar cells, which can increase the cost.
By the way, Musk noted at a recent general meeting that the company\'s next general meeting
The price of the Gen solar roof will be roughly the same as the \"tile roof plus someone\'s utility cost\" or even lower.
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