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tailor-made tiles

by:Xingfa      2019-11-01
The owner of the Palace tiles in asagudí, jocarin gappur.
Sabrina has been ceramic tiles for more than 30 years.
A team of three conservation architects, Saritha Varadan, Divya Chakravarti and Arva Firoz, invited his artisans to Chennai.
Hosted by Dakshina Chitra, this wonderful tile workshop brings an era
The old process of 12 participants living in the shade.
See photos above for stepsby-
As done in the traditional craft workshop, Chettinad handmade Athangudi tiles are unique and complex expressions of culture and trade. The smooth-
The Edge template that produces the final floral or geometric pattern is made from pithalai.
In the early days, the part welding of the formwork was done with silver, the metal was lighter, and the weld was fine and concise.
The production of precise templates is highly specialized and is limited to about three artisans in the area who are honored as goldsmiths.
The template can cost between £ 8 and £ 10,000 and it can last a lifetime. G.
Subramaniam took the template his father made for the workshop in 1950.
There is no single formula for this traditional craft, from older to younger.
It can be ten Tiles-
Step 1 or twenty.
Mix the sand, white cement, fine clay and oxide for 20 minutes to make a fine dry mixture.
Water was added to achieve smooth consistency.
Each tile is cast individually on the glass to ensure smooth as silk.
And traditional tiles
The manufacturer swore to the local clay that it was finally the craftsman\'s hand sealed the agreement.
The template of the flower or geometric pattern is placed on the glass plate of the same size as the tile, placed inside the metal frame with the handle.
We watched Alagan from Athangudi skillfully pour the colored mixture into each container of the template, just as the Baker poured the batter into the tray.
The craftsman makes it look as simple as making an inverted cake, but it requires skilled expertise, a tactile understanding of the material and a quick response to each step.
After a few minutes of setup, the mold was taken out and a colorful pattern was left on the glass.
On this layer that will eventually become the top of the tile, a dry mixture of sand and cement is applied and kept to one side.
Next, fill and compact a mixture of wet sand and cement with a thick consistency.
After setting, remove the tiles and dry with a glass plate for about 24 hours.
Finally, the tiles are stacked in the bathtub.
Just as good cheese matures in the cellar, tiles soak in water for 8 to 12 days.
When the tiles are ready, they will naturally slide off the glass.
Finished tiles are dried with a cover above to absorb excess moisture.
The natural oil from the crust gives a lovely luster.
The Athangudi tiles are durable and cheaper than the regular tiles and can be made with exotic patterns or regular tiles.
The standard colors used are red, mustard, green and gray.
These tiles do not burn or bake and therefore do not require any power or fuel.
Coconut oil can be used for polishing over the years.
We have a ready-made environmental solution to make the tiles.
The challenge today is how to help research and sell this unique crafting.
The De Artisan team is passionate about encouraging a new start-
In Chettinad, ups and maintain the local industry.
Protection architect Divya Chakravarti noted that \"most of the families involved in the production of ashagudí tiles rely on this activity to make a living.
Tile craftsmen usually produce 65 to 70 tiles per day.
Subramaniam\'s factory can produce about 1,500 square feet.
The amount of tiles per day.
\"Due to the heavy weight of the tiles, the design of the appropriate packaging can reduce the damage during transportation.
While the cost of shipping from Athangudi seems prohibitive, the cost of tiles, including laying, is lower than that of premium glazed tiles or tiles.
These tiles offer a range of exotic touches in corridors, puja rooms or main living areas, a cultural heritage that can be easily taken home.
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