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Synthetic resin tile to slope roof attractive again, make tile to transmit and develop the culture of China

by:Xingfa      2020-10-18
Our country is an ancient country with culture, ever since the dawn of han tiles quadrangles, the location of the tile on the Chinese architectural history painting on a part. In modern times, however, a large number of flat-roofed buildings springing up, make PianWaWuCun, at the heart of the city is hard to see the shadow of the tile, tile is out of place? No, tiling of slope roof building more flavor, more comfortable, more energy saving. Synthetic resin tile replace outdated traditional roofing tile of new environmental protection and energy saving building roofing material, let the slope roof to return to the life of people, the charm of slope roof.

tile is a kind of culture, and different nationalities in different regions of culture each has its own characteristics. In terms of tile in China, the most makes me feel kind, is ordinary slightly arched its tile, the tile is widely used in the traditional local-style dwelling houses. Beijing hutong courtyard building special emotional appeal, house gallery at the top of the park is an important note. Segmentation up, of course, a park the morphology, types and different, pay attention to tile to use in part of the house of a tube. The residence in the south park and Beijing courtyard house and there was a subtle difference. In folk houses, the botanical garden, the park is not only used to cover the top, also used to decorate the walls, large amounts of some partition is not only the top Dutch tile, the wall of a large part of the transparent structure embedded in a park ingenious rotating build by laying bricks or stones, often of auspicious patterns, a fully feel the charm of tile. China has an important category in the cultural relics is eaves tiles. Eaves tiles are the most bottom constitute eaves tiles of the tail, which pay more attention on the tail of sculpture out of all sorts of design, it can be really is culture, which contains rich content, with all kinds of moral.

as a mirror of The Times, build a house of bricks with its unique artistic language also reflects an era, a nation's aesthetic pursuit. Remember ten years earlier to lijiang tourism, on the hillside watching the ancient city, the whole town is countless, the roof of the extensive, disorderly cascade. Xu xiake had wrote in lijiang travel notes, residential communities, WaWu has, look at those jagged tiles draws the outline of the ancient city of a strange picture, fold of the layers as scales, dark, thick, solidification! They had stopped much wailing wind and rain, blocking much dust float in the sky, They mutely tells the weather-beaten after the vicissitudes of life, those who have stories of history and did not leave a trace, only the grey brick gray tiles of of primitive simplicity is faint telling the story of yesterday.

and modern times, a large number of replication of flat-roofed buildings take in the city, it is difficult to search the tile in the modern metropolis. Perhaps is afraid of tiles for the high-rise building fell not appropriate tile? Or in order to save material? Or for the sake of standing on the roof overlooking the distance? So our tile has been submerged in the tall buildings of reinforced concrete cast.

now, the voices began to promote the development of green building materials, synthetic resin tile to the environmental protection and energy saving features of adaptation time appear in the line of sight of the masses, it inherits the traditional roofing tile and shine on you, and the advantages of corrosion resistance, fire retardant, sound insulation, noise reduction and thermal insulation, long service life, don't fall off, and many other features, to make it in the process of modernization, earned a place for tile, tile culture in China to continue efforts to make the slope roof charm.
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