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Synthetic resin tile roof the icing on the cake

by:Xingfa      2020-10-14
Synthetic resin tile roof, the excellent characteristics of synthetic resin tile, widely welcomed by people, let's old look at the excellent characteristics of synthetic resin tile.

1 rain leakproof

selected high weatherability resin, synthetic resin tile itself is dense and not bibulous, don't ooze water, a single large area, roof seam, rarely take it combine closely, have excellent waterproof performance.

2 low carbon environmental protection tonal downy uniform

synthetic resin tile low carbon environmental protection 'unique properties, good inherits the original ecological concept. Well no glare, no color difference, the house, each resin tile color uniform, no depth, no more spots.

3 color durable discoloration

synthetic resin tile using weatherability engineering resin as the surface of the tile material, durability is strong in the natural environment, long exposure Yu Chaoqiang ultraviolet light, moisture, high temperature or low temperature circumstance, still can maintain the stability of its color.

4 heat preservation sound insulation

the coefficient of thermal conductivity of synthetic resin tile below the clay tile, heat preservation performance is good, sound insulation effect is strong, can effectively avoid the heavy rain, hail, wind and other outside influences.

synthetic resin tile roof, our products are of good quality and price concessions, welcome to come to consult!

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