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by:Xingfa      2020-10-14
After synthetic resin tile neat rows, should make eaves and roof drainage treatment, and to protect the eaves of the roof. Eaves should choose metal sealed drain board or synthetic resin eaves, eaves should cover metal drop board or synthetic resin sealing eaves. To install the tile ( With two slope roof) 。 It also allows to be engaged in the production of synthetic resin. More and more manufacturers in sales. There are a lot of unscrupulous businessmen, in order to seek exorbitant profits, reduction of material, reducing recycling secondary materials, inferior synthetic resin tile production. Main tile installation is complete, installed on both sides of the triangle roof. With the centerline CC3, double data rate 2) 1-gigabit memory chips as a benchmark, evenly on both sides of the installation, then along the diagonal lines cut, to facilitate the installation of oblique ridge tile. Therefore, generally USES the big air volume, low air temperature of tile of good quality and plastic tile conveying speed, strong production capacity. The transverse overlapping between two pieces of tile ( Including the roof tile lap) Size is, the longitudinal lap joints for a distance. Plastic tile drying is closely related to the quality and performance of finished product, should grasp the drying time, the influence of various factors on the drying speed control. Synthetic resin tile ranking is better. Corrugated aluminium plate, Aluminum, aluminum corrugated plate, pressed aluminium plate) The beauty is generous, elegant and generous. Insulation outside decoration USES the aluminum plate, has the very good bright visual effect. After package, the overall visual effect is good. (steel sheet Corrugated aluminium plate, corrugated aluminum plate) Long service life, good aluminum corrosion resistance and shelf life in years. Installation is super tile khan, avoid the super master tile overlap with normal perspiration, in order to reduce the installation clearance, so that we can increase our resin tile installation. Xi 'an resin tile how to maintain? Small make up to you to introduce: due to the performance of resin, more and more get the favour of consumers. Resin tile manufacturers reminds us, to understand how to correctly use and maintenance of the resin. Compared with ordinary glass tile, asbestos shingle bright color, corrosion resistance, its important characteristics is the product. ( If it is a reflective, using the surface of the resin for domestic resin, less dosage, easy to fade. ) 。 Synthetic resin tile ranking is better. As often happens in chengdu transit due to the improper transportation or damaged products to customers. What should be done in the transportation. The future roof construction materials are old tile before & other Throughout the world &; Synthetic resin tile. In different ways, from the development trend of modern bricks have been unable to use; Continuously introduce new tiles, greatly improve the construction efficiency of the roof, and synthetic resin tile are outstanding in many bricks. Impeccably also said, the future building materials is the synthetic resin roof tile & other Throughout the world &;
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